February 26, 2021


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“The BBQ Uprising will be remembered in history” | Joe Warmington with David Menzies

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36 thoughts on ““The BBQ Uprising will be remembered in history” | Joe Warmington with David Menzies

  1. Costco and walmart and home depot and the like…the big boys taking care of their own…screw the little guy …shut him down….THE NEW WORLD ORDER….PIGS.

  2. *.B'H mayor of Toronto, Canada  – John Tory – Response to me
    Thank you for taking the time to write to the Office of the Mayor.


    We appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this important matter. It will be shared with staff in our office.


    Below, please see Mayor Tory’s response to the anti-mask protests that have taken place across the city:


    “We are in the middle of a pandemic and the numbers of new cases are going in the wrong direction. Wearing a mask helps keep everyone safer. People are always free to protest in a democracy but the people organizing these protests are trying to spread ridiculous and inaccurate information that, if believed, puts people’s lives at risk. I trust our public health officials. And I trust the people of Toronto will make the right choice between advice offered by our best medical experts as opposed to baseless propaganda put forward by an eccentric collection of protesters.”


    Thank you again for contacting our office.




    Mayor's Administration

  3. Like The Boston Tea Party, The Toronto Barbecue Party, may be the catalyst that ends this new tyranny imposed on all Canadians by the likes of these dictators, Trudeau, Ford and Tory.
    Lets hope this is just the spark that ignites the bonfire of all Canadians asserting our rights and freedoms bought and paid for by our ancestors with their blood sweat and tears.

  4. Yes the stupidity will be remembered that one restaurant owner refused to close their dinning room and ignored the facts that he could still operate curbside and delivery like all other small business restaurants in that area. This isn't about him being able to keep his business open this was about one small business owner who doesn't believe in the virus and has decided to disobey public health orders to protect people.

  5. What is this news guy doing with no mask .
    What is the other guy doing with no mask.
    I have to wear a mask at Costco , the police cant control idiots everywhere.
    There are rules for safety, if you want to open things up follow some rules for the safety of others.
    If you had any respect for others I would have supported you.

  6. The Mayors and councillors in Toronto and Peel should be donating their paychecks to small business or food banks for the 28 day lock down. Premier should also donate his salary for 28 days. The reporters should be asking the tough questions at the daily press conference.

  7. Dear Candida. Don't feel too bad our constitutional rights are being violated here and United States by tyrannical police officers Governors Senators committing crimes against the American people. Don't feel bad we are right there with you

  8. CBC has already hinted the guy is a trouble maker by stating that he is known to have radical ideas. So do I in many subjects and disciplines and what does it have to do with anything? We all go by the myth we are free but try testing it…and by the time a judge exonerates him, he will be out of business. The health 'experts' and the politicians are going along with the delusion of pending catastrophe. They do not want to look ridiculous

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