April 20, 2021


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33 thoughts on “The Children of Lockdown, UsForThem – 18th Feb 2021

  1. we know how bad things are in this country…..you think anna is here to help you?….lol. yeah right….brees media…get a grip people..another "channel" straight to your brain.
    by the time you all realise. itll n
    be too late.. theres no heroes on HERE. GO LOOK IN THE HALL MIRROR….thats your hero that youre looking at ….

  2. anna has Biig nostrils if you know what i mean….shes a "taker"
    not trustworthy… shes gaining your trust….remember dr schoning(a plant)
    she introduced him as she side swiped a normal scouser who had been chatting to her.."sorry ive just seen someone whos more important than you" she was on the charlie that day….
    if you know. you know!!
    "i aint buying it anna"
    its a small world if you know what i mean😤

  3. I got the same problem with my 6yo. now they going back to school and she cries that she dont want to. this lockdown was worse for her than last one . we go to playgrounds buy shes saying that shes scared and she don't want to play with kids. she don't want to talk to anyone only me, husband and my sister. she looks happy at home but when we go outside… shes lost. If someone want to talk with me about it or something… Just let me know

  4. Us conspiracy theorists, knew this would happen, the phrase, they are coming for the children. Even though I told people that, it's heartbreaking to see, people need to come together to save our future adults, if we don't more and more children will be scared for life.
    As it stands we will go from one global lie to another and Mr potato head is leading the charge. You only have to look at MSM and social media they can't even have a debate or won't allow you to have opinion. Why?
    I was always told, if you wanted to get to the bottom of a problem, ask why 5 times.

  5. We’re all desperate for our kids to get back to school / start socialising face to face again BUT wearing masks in the classroom and have nose/ throat prods however many times a week is not the answer. What can I do as a parent of a fortnight addicted 11 year old to protest this diabolical next move?

  6. Be good to do a piece on whether the vaccine is safe for fertility .
    The government are saying that there is no evidence it will effect fertility but are not saying that there is any proof that it won’t .

  7. Such a sad state of affairs for these kids. And now, mental health is going to be on the agenda, for all ages, because of the lockdowns. Let's not forget about people who had operations and treatments cancelled too. They are all wondering when they can get back to treatments.

    Question. Can the NHS cope with all these new mental health issues… maybe someone can answer this

  8. It’s time for Parents to bloody Wake Up shame on you the British government being puppets to the 1 percent. Money is not life , it don’t give you a soul it takes it away . Something must be done before they start putting food in the masks you all ware !!! Wake Up !!!

  9. Brees your content is responsible for hundreds and thousands of unnecessary deaths. In any other profession you would be struck off and prosecuted. Stop producing intentionally irresponsible content. Your actions have consequences.

  10. I am having a very angry and upset day today. I have fought to try to make my family and friends see the truth since this began, well, before it actually, because I was aware of the truth about vaccines, pharmaceuticals, toxic food industry etc and knew they were going to pull something like this. Every single thing I've highlighted, said, foretold since it started has been proven right, yet people still don't believe and think I'm the one in the wrong for trying to make them see. I hate them for what they've done. Curses on them all.

  11. So bloody sad 😥 my 14 year old granddaughter when she's done her homework, lays on her bed most of the time, won't go anywhere she has to where a mask cos she just can't put it on without high stress and they are talking of secondary kids having to where them in class for gods sake! No hope for our children 😔

  12. We’re almost at breaking point. People will soon be ready to do whatever they’re told, even take part in untested vaccine programs. If you want to look at who to blame, we’ve all got mirrors in the bathroom. A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves

  13. People need to stop listening to government it’s all lies many people are getting destroyed by the system I am not taking the vaccine that is my choice I believe they set this up many years best we all stand up say no we want our freedom back many will go their own way because no listen in the first place god bless I am going walk my own path now

  14. Where we live , we see many children out walking with their parents which is really good to see. Some also on push bikes. This of course isn’t the norm, as we generally in the past have seen very few children out and about. Every one is suffering and a dear friend of our son who passed away back in 2015 in January was very close to committing suicide. He is 26 and misses our son as they were quite close. He’s a little Autistic which hasn’t helped, and lives on his own and doesn’t really want to see anyone. So all this total lockdown forced upon US all is doing so much more harm to youngsters than the Flu.. Everyone who has supported lockdown should be taken to a tribunal and then sent out to all the care homes, schools etc etc to put all this right.

  15. Oh my god !!!! Get a grip ,really struggling to understand the point and purpose of these sensationalised publications ,how fragile a world we are fanning the flames of ,perhaps creative effort and inginuity would be better directed at the the very people you are pitying !! I have three boys ,two of which started university under lock down and subsequently are having to study from home ( no great shakes there) and the other has been furloughed but keeping busy at home ,friends with younger children are noticing differences in their behaviour but for the better ,more family interaction and are using the experience to better understand their kids and become closer .I think ,like animals can sense fear ,children can sense panic and pity ,and it becomes a self perpetuating non productive problem ironically created by the people who are complaining about exactly that .Crikey let's help the kids with support and less intense scrutiny and just hope any parental paranoia does not rub off on them ,just imagine if I was stuck in a lift or in a desert island or in any survival situation with someone without a can do ,positive attitude ,I think I know who would have to leave first .Let's focus on positives ,move forward and just hope people with some modecome of intelligence can make their own informed choices ,not based on the lemming theory ( because everyone is doing it then it must be correct and I should copy )but rather what they think is right for them and their family .

  16. Children who are old enough have to have it explained to them that they are living under tyranny and it is the government and not their parents who are the enemy. The sooner the better because the plan is only just in the early stages. They spent a long time building up to it and were fully co-ordinated hence the deafening silence within the legal and medical professions – the constant parroting of the narrative by MSM – the incompetent buffoonery is just a smokescreen, they know exactly what they are doing to people.

  17. My grandson went out for the first time last week with 2 friends for a walk to the local highstreet. The first time he's been out with his friends for so long. Within 30 mins he was pulled by the police and threatened to go home separately or we will fine your mother! He is now so withdrawn and afraid. I am ashamed of the Police of this county, this government, and all the weak people who are so so brainwashed that they are helping to destroy this innocent generation. Grow a pair you should be ashamed .

  18. This cruelty has to be brought to an end. Even if our poor children can return to anything near a normal life, they will find it hard to re-adjust and will carry the scars of the past year for many more years, possibly for ever. How can governments be doing this to their people. They must not be allowed to get away with it any more

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