March 3, 2021


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The Cleveland Indians AXE Their Name in Favor of Woke Nonsense | Stu Does America

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29 thoughts on “The Cleveland Indians AXE Their Name in Favor of Woke Nonsense | Stu Does America

  1. Here’s my problem with the arguments against it: 1. cleveland does not use the word indians in a duragatory way! thats legit the best reason why a word should be used or not used 2. it plays homage to the former cleveland spiders player louis sockalexis who played for three years only lived to be about 42. “the deerfoot of the diamond” who hit .313. He’s known as the first nativr american to play in the big leagues 1897-1899. that part is disputed. He’s from penobscot, maine. 3rd the use of the word indian works because of how fierce they are. yes the logo is smiling but thats okay. 4th it actually teaches ohioans about native culture. 5th the main people trying to get rid of the logo are leftists, proclaiming to be liberals. 6th best logo in baseball. 7th and most importantly. the US can steal their land, kill their people but use their name or image for sport is crossing the line?! is that really where we draw the line? then i think people really missed the point about actually caring for their cultur

  2. Its ok after every sport sponsored BLM i have quit watching/ buying / following every sport its not hard and it actually saving me bunch of money. Get woke go broke im done pandering and playing nice with terrorist and those who support them.

  3. Blackfeet Chief Two Guns White Calf (if memory intact) was the model for Redskins logo. "Made us all proud to have an Indian on a big-time team" is a common quote from William Wetzel, former Blackfeet Tribal Chairman that was the driving force behind the creation of the logo. Cleveland has more of a cartoon logo that could be changed just because it looks goofy but Native Americans in general, from my own ears, DON'T CARE or think it's a point of honor or simply freak'n cool. Eliminating them is actually a dishonor. Go figure.

  4. So many people aren’t worried about that stuff. Most ppl are actually experiencing real problems. Just because blue check marks and people who are reading the “news”. The problems are still there. They are just ignored. Don’t think this is a sign of society advancing because everyone has time to sit around complaining about statues. People involved in serious conversations about statues is about 5% of the country. Most people are too busy with the problems that your saying don’t exist as much because rich people stopped acknowledging them. They are suffering more than ever under the lockdown! cmon blaze

  5. Change the name of Lake Erie, Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, well even he the state name Ohio. Everything in Ohio is named after an Indian tribe or word.

  6. I'm from Cleveland and totally embarrassed by this cowardice. It was bad enough they dropped Chief Wahoo, but now the name is offensive. I guess there are 1.3 billion people from India that are wondering what to do….

  7. Ill preface this with I gave up on pro-sports years ago however I grew up in and live in North East Ohio. And I say unto you that NOT ONE F’n PERSON I KNOW OR HAVE WVER MEET THINKS BAD ABOUT CHIEF WAHOO OR THE “INDIANS” NAME!!! ON THE CONTRARY PEOPLE LOVE CHIEF WAHOO AND THE INDIANS & ARE PISSED AT THE ATTEMPTED( NOW SUCCESSFUL) REMOVAL OF THEM!!

  8. Well.. looks like I'll not be a Cleveland Indians fan anymore. I'm 32% Navajo Indian and WAS proud to have a team named after my heritage. Baseball is now no better than football! Screw both of them!!

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