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The Death Cults Of Old Are Long Gone………..Or Are They?

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The basics of human behavior are simple. Most humans do what everyone else is doing, simply because everyone else is doing it. Humans are born to copy, mimic, emulate and mirror what everyone else in their environment are doing. It’s a wonderful system of protection, safety, security and survival…..based on fitting in, blending in and going along to get along. It’s worked for millions of years helping people bond together in large groups and has helped large populations find safety with each other, as the majority embraces one set of rituals, customs and traditions as their very own. It sounds perfect but what about if this mimicking, copying, mirroring and emulating system could be hijacked for evil? Well, that’s what’s going on right now in our history…..and has been for some time.

In our ancient history in Carthage, about 3000 years ago, there used to be cult of Molech Worship. Women were called to the town wall, high above a large canyon every Saturday, and were asked to take their new born babies and throw them off the wall to their deaths..on the rocks below. This cult and its rituals are reviewed in the book, “The Devil Takes The Youngest” by Whitney Pratney. Now, it sounds insane but if someone was born into a death cult (like the cult of Molech), this mimicking, mirroring, emulating and copying system has no ability to rationalize or analyze the rituals, customs and traditions of the herd, in any ethical or moral way. All our self sabotaging behaviors are literally based on this copying, mimicking, emulating and mirroring system…….in the way that most humans base their own behavior on what everyone else is doing, simply because everyone else is doing it. Morality, ethics or fairness isn’t a part of this part of the brain…..which controls the majority of our behavior. If we’re born into a death cult, we become death cult members immediately. Our survival and acceptance depends on it.

Fast forward to this very day, where people believe they live in a completely civil, advanced and sane society……..but again that impression is based solely on this “go along to get along” human behavior generation software, which comes as standard equipment in our minds when we’re born. Most people work jobs they don’t like simply because most other people work jobs they don’t like. Most people start the day with a toxic and poisonous cup of coffee simply because most other people do as well. Ingesting poison, injecting poison (into themselves and their own children), voting for criminals to rule them every 4 years, processing their children through the same systems where their children will work jobs they don’t like, start their days with toxic coffee, inject poisons into themselves and their children plus end their work week with brain damaging alcohol…….is all part and parcel of how this copying part of the brain can be hacked for complete disaster. Does a society based on slavery, depression, toxin ingestion, violence, government bullying, toxin injection, an obsession with poison and watching actors kill each other on our movie and TV screens………..not quality as a death cult? How many people are dressing their child up as a killer monster on Halloween, so the child can eat poison? And when the child gets sick from the Halloween poison, that kid is rushed off to get medical poison, while they play with their wifi poisoning device…..only to go home and watch some actors kill each other on their TV screens?

The people who rule us have known about this for over 10,000 years and their primary way of controlling us as human cattle is setting up our environment where we control ourselves and also destroy ourselves through poisoning, indoctrination and various other forms of dis-empowerment. How they do this is simple……they use this copying part of the brain against us, and give us nothing but shit to copy. Every person on this planet has a question to ask themselves, “could I be a card carrying member of an ancient death cult, without my knowledge, because of how my brain is designed to fit in absent of moral or ethical review?” Fluoride poison in our tooth paste, pesticide poison sprayed on our food, fluoride poison in our drinking water, government trying to inject poison into everyone (and saying it’s for their health and safety), poisonous take out garbage on a Friday or Saturday night re-framed as a treat, alcohol poison re-framed as the only way to enjoy your down time, educating our children to be the next distributors or injectors of the poison or to administrate the death cult infrastructure, honoring the poison experts in white lab coats as Gods……never to be questioned even though it’s obvious all they do is poison us at every turn etc etc. Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure?

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