May 8, 2021


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The Deep State and Dominion Voting: Keean Bexte with David Menzies

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46 thoughts on “The Deep State and Dominion Voting: Keean Bexte with David Menzies

  1. Is it true George Soros got arrested for election fraud? in PA? Due to the great reporting of Keean Brexte?! Go Rebel News. Canada is a great neighbor…to the USA.

  2. Please do an investigative report on Douglas Emhoff, who he’s married to and his ties with Dominion and Smartmatic.
    Look up Eric Coomer.

    If Dominion is used in Canada, Trudeau cheated his way to PM.

    Trudeau is a National Security threat.

    Sold us out to the CCP, Huawei is send user information to the CCP.

  3. Imagine rigging the Election in states like you have in some back water counties and getting paid millions of dollars for it! George Soros and the Clinton’s must be laughing their butts off! The fact that they give money to the DNC is a joke in itself

  4. What about elections in Canada ? they just had 2 byelections in Toronto , the liberals won , did they won honestly?
    did they use the same machines to steal these byelections ? Has anyone confirmed if they were compromised ? Those machines have been
    used in Venezuela and in other banana republics for 40 or 50 years ,and who got elected Chavez, and Maduro the present Dictator .

  5. Trudeau donated over 20 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation of Canadian tax payers money pre election when she was running. How much of that money was washed back to the Trudeau Foundation?

  6. Remember when Obumma and Killary came to Canada before Justdumb was elected? Was it to assure their puppet of his win? Our voting is just as corrupt as the US…

  7. U know every day i wake up ,thank the lord for being alive and for Mr Trump who is fighting for and saving all of us even if half the world does not know what is going on THANK YOU JESUS WWG1WGA TRUMP2020

  8. The day Soros and his globalist puppets Trudeau and Freeland are gone ..Canada may survive otherwise Soros will destroy your lives businesses implement global communism = BUILD BACK BETTER IS COMMUNISM .

  9. If the DOJ and the SCOTUS allow this type of rigging to slide it'll spread wildfire across the Globe. These so called Globalist will be able to install whomever they want in that said Country and at the same time get rid of whomever they choose with a couple numeric keystrokes

  10. Seems like most of the elections in the last 5 years have been really too close to call. Why has that suddenly been happening? Is someone padding the votes for the loser, sorry winner chicken dinner!!

  11. Where are the RCMP when this much crime is running rampant. Busy surveilling the populous for heinous crimes of antisocial distancing, non masking, going for a walk. Theft of billions destruction of a free country, must be above their pay grade.

  12. The Dominion logo (missing the blue leaf) as shown on this video is not complete. The full logo shows a red page leaf with a larger red chevron under it and then a blue page leaf below that. Noticed elsewhere on YouTube, this is actually a meme for Dominion's agenda where the ballot goes in red (Republican) and comes out blue (Democrat) in the election.

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