February 26, 2021


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The Dentistry Madness

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International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why new regulations will put most dentists out of business and create havoc …


42 thoughts on “The Dentistry Madness

  1. I went to the dentist today, and the receptionist took my temperature upon arriving. The hygienist was wearing a mask and a plastic visor shield, and asked if I had a mask in case I coughed or sneezed.

  2. This is hilarious. I have just been to the Dentist today! It was exactly as good,old Dr. Coleman has said. I go back again next week for a repeat performance but may never see my Dentist again for several years as he does not know when he will get back to the normal routine. However, he is a lovely, kind and considerate Dentist and as I am over 70 years I do appreciate his kindness.

  3. Thank you for the information, and thank you even more for my daily dose of much needed laughter. I think many of us owe our continued sanity to you dear Dr. Vernon. Many blessings to you and yours.

  4. People can learn to do many dental treatments. Every family should have a family member who is willing to learn basic dental care as a lay person and care for their families dental needs. Same with medical care. Avoid doctors and hospitals to the greatest extent possible.

  5. Everything that used to be taken for granted and considered part of normal life by the average person has now been hijacked and stolen by the "elites". Fresh, unsullied food, modern medical proceedures/drugs household goods that actually function as their supposed to, privacy, dignity, piece of mind, all gone. For us, that is.

  6. I keep puzzling why we are using this approach for a "flu", when we totally looked the other way with the AIDs outbreak??? Something else besides the safety of the public is going on here!

  7. One more thing, Syphillis a sex deadly decease, bubonic plague carried bu fleas kill millions of people every year, yet people willingly engage and not worrie about dieing. Doesnt make any sense.

  8. AC bad for health? I'll have to investigate it further. I usually avoid it and don't use it myself, except sometimes in the car. I prefer rolling down the windows. I do dislike the air in offices, where I have worked before. They always have AC, and windows (such as there are) are forbidden to be opened or they can't even be opened. The air is probably endlessly recycled and riddled with disease. The air is dry and oddly artificial, like some shroud descending on you. It did give me some issues, but nothing serious, probably because I never lasted long in those dystopian offices. I also never use hand sanitizer, but I do wash my hands with organic soap. You know, nothing too abrasive. Oh, my last visit to the dentist in these days was horrible. I wasn't even allowed to get some water to wash my mouth after the ordeal due to some new rule.
    The people who seem to live in the offices are terrible, by the way. I once irked one when I opened a window next to me. The barely human creature went off in a rage and sort of a fit, because the outside air was seen as dangerous. This was in a government office, the worst ones. I could tell you stories that will make you shiver, and not because the AC was on. Try to not have to deal with the people in government. There are some exceptions, but most are brainwashed morons with no shred of humanity.
    I rarely have a cold and having a flu is even more rare for me, but an occasional cold was wont to come on when I had to travel by public transport, such as a train, or spend hours each day in an office or school building. I'm surprised I have survived those concentration camps. Then again, up until the age of 18, in public school, I never called in sick even one day. I had the maximum dose of brainwashing, which had some effect, but I was saved by having read 1984 before the age of 10. I've always distrusted authority and only give respect when earned; and those school teachers and whatnot rarely deserve it. They're usually failures and ideally designed to function as a drone in an unwielding system that demands obedience and subservience. One thing is for sure, they don't teach critical thinking in public school. I have a hard time thinking what they do try to stamp in. Just stuff you have to memorize. I usually crammed that in one day before the exam and forgot it at the earliest opportune moment, which was right after the exam. Wonderful times.

  9. Dont forget us dental technicians, at least the Dentists can have "some" work, we've been left out to dry. I suspect my work of about 50 staff will be cut to something like 10, given the current situation.

  10. All he says is true. I had to video one of my patient’s mouth before he could be seen by the dentist. My own dentist told me that they would have to do all the same things that was stated here in the video. I’ve had enough for this in my practice . I am now retired, raising chickens.

  11. Absolutely horrific. You are such a wonderful person bringing the attention of those who are suffering this ordeal.
    Nothing can be any more cruel than denying a toothache patient simple dental treatment. The government does not care about the
    danger of an infection near the brain or the restriction of oxygen, this hoax takes top priority.

  12. I have experience this procedure a couple of weeks ago and this standing outside the dental practice was OK because it was sunny and warm, no chance of waiting in the car because there is impossible parking anywhere near especially at the time of appointments because all spaces are snapped up by the with work in the town. The procedures you stated are exactly what I went through but no treatment, just a consultation and poorly focused X-rays as that dentists room was being cleansed and she was not familiar with the unit she was using, in effect the appointment was a waste of time, hers and mine. I should add that two weeks before this appointment I had a similar appointment but not quite so much space suits or full scale HASCHEM protection, I did wonder why on each visit breathing apparatus was not being sported. On that earlier visit there was meaningful X-rays done and I had two temporary filling that instead of a drill just scraping the tooth with some sort of hand tool. It turns out that in spite of being given a sex change by BUPA when they took over (on paper only), the second visit a week later was a mistake by their staff, a mistake even though almost no patients to treat. Anyway on the latter visit I was told that I could not have white fillings on the NHS, only mercury in my gob, the white fillings would only be private and cost a staggering £300 each, I do not understand it. I have enough nerve damage already from taking Avloclor in the past and we surely know that mercury is at least 20 times more damaging that lead. It seems that in the Philippines they are more advanced as they no longer seem to use amalgum fillings, I would go there to have my teeth seen to but the Philippines are CLOSED and the population being starved out by strictly enforced imprisonment of the entire population which affects the poor the worst, I know this as fact.
    I cannot afford dental treatment, at least not here in the UK, its all very sinister, very sinister indeed.

  13. Considering how many dentists drill and fill perfect teeth starting in childhood in mass over service scamming, damaging perfect teeth and setting up lifelong problems for their profits

  14. Peace to this elder statesman. I love what you do and how you do it. Do not know what gave you this idea but I am glad you did. I want to say thank you for what you do with your old age and have gave me light what I can do in my older years. I wish you peace and many blessing. Stay strong old man because we do not make them like you anymore and I want you to know it was my pleasure.

  15. At about 2:16 you say there's nothing normal about this "NEW NORMAL". I found your videos a few days ago and they are great. But when you say there's nothing normal with this new normal I'm not to sure I totally agree. To me this all seems about normal as compared to the last several years, at least since 911 2001.
    It's certainly not good or constitutional or anything like that. They are creating more poverty, fear, and slavery. It's sounds about normal to me. Not good but NORMAL, business as usual. Anyway it has to be stopped somehow. Love your videos.
    I live in a small town in northern Wyoming. I've lived around here most of my life. I've been in a state of shock since 2000 when I first seen the movie, THE MATRIX.
    Why? Because back in the nineties I had talk about many of the same things in that movie winith a few different people. They had apparently taken the things I'd talk with them about and made that movie and a few other movies as well.
    There has always been some very bigwig type of people that live around here and a Hollywood presence around here but I never gave it much thought as most of it was kind of under the radar, at least till 2000.
    I'm not a writer or anything like that. They seem to have just taken things I'd talked about before and made the movie, THE MATRIX and some other ones.
    It's a long story but anyway, there's a mural that was painted on a building downtown back in 2001 a month before 911 WTC. For some reason a week or so ago I thought about this mural and took some photos of it.
    It seems to have some predictive programming about this PLANDEMIC were all suffering from now.This area has always been a cow and sheep ranching area also and I've rarely if ever seen a sheep herder wearing a mask like the one in this painting is. Also the herder is herding the sheep into a snake in the grass. Thanks.


  16. I always thought that because dentists must belong the the Dentist Association in the US, they must tow the script (fluoride) or risk their lie-cense. Some years ago I had a tooth infection and the dictator dentist who would not give me any antibiotics (script), insisted that I get the tooth pulled. I told her I would be happy to have it pulled if the antibiotics didn't work. She refused me and my thought was that I am the one who makes that choice because she was working for me. So I had to go and see a doctor that same day for an infection I already knew I had to get a script of antibiotics. I knew I wasn't feeling well and also knew that a bacterial infection is not to be ignored. $80 to the dentist (for a X-ray) and $85 to the doctor for something I already knew that I needed. In the end $165 for a script of FREE Antibiotics. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and tried to file a complaint against the dentist. I learned that they don't take those complaints and that if I wanted to file one it would have to be in a meeting with a arbitrator. Lesson learned of how some in various professions are protected. I did attempt to contact the dentist by email and asked her why she did not allow me to try ridding myself of the infection first and reminded her that she was working for me. I just wanted an answer and I was kind about it. I never received a reply. Some time later after the infection cleared I waited to see if in fact I would have a problem with the tooth again. I believe it was three years later and still no problems with that tooth when I contacted her again only to inform her that taking care of the infection worked. Still no reply. I am glad I listened to that small voice we sometimes get. Just thought I would share my experience. I learned some valuable lessons with that experience. Dentists and other professionals are controlled by their fear of losing their license, but also protected when maybe they shouldn't be. Perhaps the way forward is to lose the license restrictions (therefore bullies at the top lose control) and perhaps proof of integrity of said professional by word of mouth is a much better way. What is said about the dentists in the U.K. and the bullies strict rules of the Covid crap makes perfect sense to me that Dentists need to fly the bird at the system and allow their integrity of their work to speak for them. I realize this idea probably has holes in it, but I know the "System" of control is being shown for what it is which is total corruption and control. We certainly don't need that in our world. They work for us.

  17. Dear Dr. Coleman, I am very disappointed in your video as you appear to have missed out one of the most important dental hygiene steps. On a recent recent visit to my dentist, I was required to wear plastic overshoes!
    A case of foot in the mouth, surely?

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