March 1, 2021


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The divide runs deep between Protestants and Catholics of Belfast (1993)

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35 thoughts on “The divide runs deep between Protestants and Catholics of Belfast (1993)

  1. That pastor is an idiot. The Constitution of the Republic protects freedom of religion. Here, Protestants and Catholics live, work and play side by side. We aren't a divided state – unline Northern Ireland. He wants to try coming down south and talking to people here to find out the truth, not continuing with his bigotry and supposition.

  2. its was britains vietnam, irish fighting with themselves and not thinking about the big picture , and ju cant just let an army
    do its main goal( kill the enemy) because of the politicaly correct , ask the russian what they did with internal dissidents

  3. 19:21 "Tom was convicted with Ray of shooting a Catholic woman, he spent 11 years in jail and was only recently released. His son feels proud of what his father did." My God what a bunch of useless human beings. Utter scumbags.

  4. The loyalists were also the terrorists: UVF, UDA, UFF, Red Hand Commandos. That protestant father at 13. 20, Jack McKee's a liar. Ray Smallwood (at 19.34) was part of the UDA shooting of Bernadette Devlin (McAlaisky) and her husband in their home, in front of their children in Dungannon 1981. It was a miracle both survived. He's a psychopath.

  5. It is sole digraging being a roman Catholic in Northern ierland today,, I am not who I came to be,, if I stand besise an Irish man from the Republic of ierland he is an ierish man and I have to fight to be like him,,

  6. Im a prod and i have nothing but love for the Irish people. I have been treated like shit by my own people growing and its still happening as i write best friends are irish and i would not have it any other way

  7. I love how in the USA, there are rioters against George Washington cuz he had a couple hundred slaves. Yet in Northern Ireland there are parades celebrating a man that killed millions of Irish lives and implemented the penal laws.

    I disagree with both. Only a year ago I went on holidays to Belfast and went shopping only to find all the streets closed off for an orange parade. I was scared shitless and kind of just tried to avoid speaking or making eye contact.

  8. Today I saw a heartwarming story about a catholic boy that banged his head and went a bit loopy and went missing in a loyalist neighbourhood. The loyalists in the area set up a search party for the missing boy.

    That definitely wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago.

  9. The mother spreads her own culture of hate through her belief in her religion is the better her community will never live the free lifestyle as long as she is able to convince younger minds and get them to follow the rest of the world just smile it’s her problem

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