May 13, 2021


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The Economy Is Collapsing! (Here's How To Fix It)

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25 thoughts on “The Economy Is Collapsing! (Here's How To Fix It)

  1. Australia is a great example of Government malpractice in the economy. Australians have become obessed with investing in houses. This has meant individuals and banks have gorged themselves on mortgage debt. Each time a crisis hits the Reserve Bank and Govt create more fiscal and monetary policies to keep the housing market afloat. When covid hit many Australians were about to go bust re high mortgage debt, but the Gov gave massive amount of fiscal stimulus to keep the property market going, banks introduced mortgage holidays, which are still going and Govt paid peoples wages. Now we have created another property boom, even though we are already at astronomical levels. Meanwhile Australia has little productivity and its wealth is based on debt. It is very sad to watch and the longer this goes on a lot of people will become financially ruined, but all is good as long as the herion is flowing.

  2. I am from Europe, but its a mirror image of what happens in the U.S. All these left and right wing politicians, that think they understand the economy and then just put it in ruins. And on top of that, they put left wing totalitarianism on us. What a load of crap. Advice: Exit the system as much as you can, because they are going to hurt us.

  3. Instead of increasing government spending you can also lower taxes which according to the ASAD model has a very similar effect.

    Isn’t that what Austrian school economists like?

  4. Very good lecture. The government involvement is creating huge distortions as you say. My neighbor invested in 9 rental houses and now because of the moratoriums, 5 are not paying rent. To make matters worse, property taxes will increase to compensate for lost tax revenue during the pandemic. Not sure if he will go bankrupt but if Pres Biden passes the 65% tax rate, that might push him over the cliff financially.

  5. Hmmm … how does this happen? Very complex, but honestly Trump is the man to do this, since he has experience doing what is needed … basically bankrupt what we are today and go back to the Constitution.

  6. George . youre the most practical common sense comedian economist ive ever seen. It should be a requirement for all government officials to watch your show. Most of them are probably on heroin . so it should help them understand how to FIX our economy for their next FIX. Maybe your next video should focus on poppy prices. I will be getting the popcorn ready for for your next show. You always seem to get better and better. God help us all. Back to stuff drink time. 😀

  7. I have almost entirely divested from the US. The run was nice, I've taken my profit but the US is wild and unhinged right now. Your media is elite controlled and you probably had massive voter fraud but nobody will ever know because nobody is investigating. Is this the United States or some corrupt South American country? It's hard to know anymore.

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