47 thoughts on “The ELITE Plan To STOP The UPRISING! – The End Of Normality with Colin Cantrell”
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  2. The nose may be reservoirs for Staphylococcus aureus, STAPH, a major bacterial cause of disease. “About one-third of all people are persistent S. aureus carriers, another third are occasional carriers and a remaining third don’t seem to carry S. aureus at all." https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2013/12/staph-can-lurk-deep-within-nose-study-finds.html
    What happens when these people re-breath what comes out of their nose? Is this the TRUE Pandemic? Viruses are not living organisms and do NOT spread on surfaces or through the air, but STAPH does. Somebodies lying about something.

  3. Jupiter has the energy of: wealth, expansion, meaning, luck, wisdom, hope. Satrun: survival, fear, structure, pragmatism, longevity. Pluto: death, revolution, reincarnation, ego transformation put all those ideas together and enjoy the next couple years. 😎😰😜

  4. So many haters. Jeez. Litterally my first time interviewing someone in a new studio with a multi camera set up that was live. If I didn't initially interrupt him we would've never gotten to the good stuff. Next time I'll just let him talk and I do love hearing Colin talk

  5. It’s very sad these douchbags are the few ones working in opposition to extremely sky high IQs of the elites. It’s much better to pray to God for His help and repent asking Jesus forgiveness.

  6. Crypto/Bitcoin is just a part of the beast system, i.e. mark of the beast. Your just feeding into the plan, they will force everyone in the global take over to be RFID marked/chipped. Digital currency is that system, and quantum computers will trash your precious blockchain encryption if or when they want to end it. CHANGE MY MIND?

  7. "Manna"", this guy is quack. He's right on some stuff, but the root of that word is "caught by hand" manus hand, festus infest. You can't just say "oh it sounds like this other word, so it means festival of blood drinking", WTF.
    Adreno / Chrome browser is BS too. Digging waayyy too hard and this just damages the real conspiracy research out there. Should I continue?
    C12 is not the most stable by far – nobles gases are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_elements_by_stability_of_isotopes
    This is just from like 5 minutes of this blithering… scattered with real information, but so full of crap as to detract from it. It's worse than muddying the waters.
    Size can exist without reference… this guy smokes too much.

  8. Problem with High frequency is capacitors starts to short and coils acts as a cutt off. Simple Electronics. What it means is two wires opposite each other starts to conduct without touching. Coils that are a solid connection do the opposite

  9. The elites are CREATING the "rebellion". it's a new bolshevik fake revolution.
    The most violent and destructive type. And it will only increase the corruption ans control of THIS system

  10. Come on guys, stop this crypto non-sense. It Will never be allowed to take over or disrupt if they dont want it to. Ripple is the Best bet at this point and the only mature enough player in the crypto space to understand that Banks, goverments and regulation wont go away. Bitcoin is a joke as Well, it’s slow, it can’t scale, insane fees especially in a Bull run. You talk a lot of good stuff but you clearly dont understand XRP

  11. remember your a creature of habit, not one of free will. house arrest becomes a self inflicted wound. Herd mentality creates herd immunity. U.V. radiation from the Sun is our primary germicide in our environment. Solar exposure inactivates the virus.

  12. Thank you Tim for inviting your friend to be interviewed. Fuck he’s a smart man I enjoyed that very much. Tell us more about how we can get off Google and onto his Platform thanks

  13. Man the visual was horrid, stop flipping the views, the one view was like you guys where in slow motion your voice did not match the video and then you kept interrupting him so most of it was just bad. I heard nothing about what the title said, so I am not sure wtf……….

  14. Does your Blockchain use SHA256 for hashing? Then useless and unsafe. You need an algo that is not approved by NSA.
    They change the "magical constants" in the original algo, most likely because so they have a mathematical backdoor into the algo, allowing them to crash the whole bitcoin market and with it people's trust in crypto currency.

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