April 22, 2021


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The End Of Regal Cinemas Movie Theaters?

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40 thoughts on “The End Of Regal Cinemas Movie Theaters?

  1. All the movie theaters closing now Coronavirus will last for about 3 or 4 years and when this is all over than what? Everyone will be rushing to start opening a theater business again if the world doesn't end.

  2. American people see that hollywood is void of talent and their socialist communistic anti-American rants are pathetic. F them and F bruce springsteen and the music industry
    Hollywood will never recover

  3. Watch John campea someone that likes movies talk about it , not this bummer guy that says hates going to the movies , a great film is only worth the most watching with other people at the movie theaters 🎭👍

  4. Could you be more out of touch?
    People love the theatre… love dressing up and going out… getting out of their antisocial distance. What people dont love is SJW agenda marxist manslaying snowflake writing. Your movies are crap. The only way you turn a buck is to remake something the 19th time or to sell to a chineese audience.

    And lets not talk about P to the EDO PHIL IA. Nah cant talk about that at all. Pervywood is disgusting.

  5. Not sure where you guys live but the guy saying "we can't track one case to movie theatres or bars". It is opposite here, we have plenty of cinema infections and even a lot more in bars and restaurants. In fact we just closed all restaurants, bars and hotels for one month (starting tomorrow) just because tracing indicated they are responsable for a lot of infections. Doesn't take a genius to figure out every place people get together are dangerous.

  6. Not scared..but n.w.o slapped u bicthes hard…plus only some good 1s..the rest remakes..and I lived in a state..not saying where but it was amazing not like regular theaters..!..saying that Netflix is good and others ..also I hear the drive inns are coming back some..?$%

  7. How have you forgotten so quickly the record-breaking opening weekends for films we’ve seen in the last several years? People obviously still like seeing a film on the big screen…

  8. When we opened for the week, that they opened us back up. We were as busy during the week as we normally were for this time of the year. Mind you this was with old movies. It was the weekend business that was down. If the liberals would open LA and New York Hollywood would start giving us new movies again. We could only run at 30% capacity. That isn’t going to cut it.

  9. I "love" how stay at home people love to speak for the rest of us who don't like to sit around home all day. Yes, a lot of us have big screen tv's and audio systems that rival theaters, but some of us like going out on dates, enjoy socializing, don't really care to watch people talk in virtual social rooms, while we wait our turn to speak with 10 other people talking, and oh yeah, enjoyed the movie going experience.

  10. Theatres priced themselves out of the market. Watching at home has way more advantages. Who wants to sit in a theatre around a bunch of obnoxious strangers that can't stay off there phones. Can't even pause the movie to take a piss, no thx. If I go, the wife and I always go VIP

  11. The biggest problem is that who wants to pay that much money for a movie or go on a date and have to wear a mask. No mask and I think plenty of people would come back because there's no experience like the theater for certain movies.

  12. Going straight go streaming for new releases is a bad idea, disney+ was charging 30 buck for mulan. No way in hell they gonna get me to pay 30 bucks watching anything from home. I do like going to watch movies, especially if its a really good movie. But anytime I pay for streaming a movie at home, the most I am going to pay is 5 bucks. Basically I am using my TV in my house. Why should I pay more when the equipment used is provided by me to watch your content.

  13. Everyone needs to unplug their Hellavision and put down their video games because you all are being brainwashed by the Luciferian elites that control everything to dummy down society and sow seeds of destruction. They own the media, news, sports, and Hellywood actors that are all sleeping with the devil. Wake up people! Take your mask off and breathe! Turn your TVs off and get right with God and go out and enjoy life! The Hellavision is all about addictive programming. A box of deception to destroy every fiber of your life! Hollywood is full of a bunch sick and evil people!

  14. Face it.  This is a plot by Disney to make exclusive movies for STREAMING ONLY because they can make a fortune more by doing this and not have to share profit with the theaters.  And the other studios will follow suit.  It's a damned shame for us movie goers!!!  And a lot more for the workers…with this many laid off, get ready for a REAL revolution!

  15. It's a balance…flying is mostly necessary for people who are traveling now. Plus, the airlines are implementing ways to change as well as filter the cabin air while people have to wear masks. Theatres are just entertainment…unnecessary indoor gathering…Maybe it's not as bad if everyone wears their mask and they do 50% max capacity and air flow. Plus, it's not a small room. But still, it's not necessary and indoors.

  16. They can't link one, because the people who would be at a theatre would be at the bar, restaurant, everywhere. Either that, or it's just simply closed. There would be no definitive way to know where someone catches it unless they have been super isolated and live with no one and go to 1 place and get tested positive a few days later.

  17. I think going to the movies got too complicated and expensive. I grew up with TWO competing theaters just down the street from me. And each had two well sized screens and seating within them. And even though they were rivals, they'd compliment one another with their titles. One theater may have a heavy drama and a action movie, while the other would have a romance and zany comedy. Within a month it would be a horror film and a mystery, and the other may have a sci-fi flick and a family film. 12 months – 48 movies – two theaters. Now it's these friggin 'Megaplex's' crammed in some mall or center, with 20 movies to choose from. The concession area is like a food court, and trying to find the chosen movie is like finding the gate for the Albany flight at LaGuardia. And what a crappy little unordained room it is! The last movie I saw at a theater was Unstoppable, and I was MAD after I saw it! The movie was cheesy enough, but having to go to this mall and this megaplex and the hoopla, and journey my way back home – IT WASN'T WORTH IT! And it was my birthday present, and I didn't even have to pay! LOL Had it been at one of my local old theaters, and could have a burger or a coffee across the street before and/or after – I may have had a better time even watching Plan 9 From Outer Space there. Can't blame Hollywood so much for it's incessant line of drivel, but the theater chains for trying to outdo themselves and their competition. About as meaningful and memorable as trying on and buying pants at Walmart.

  18. Notice how he always changes the subject when you ask if he killed or had anybody killed? No statute of limitations on murder! He is not telling the truth. NOT A CHRISTIAN!

  19. Most interesting statistic I heard this summer regarding the movie theater industry from another Regal competitor was that they average 14% capacity. So except for "crush" times such as a Saturday night with a key first opening weekends (maybe a few weekends), they can do social distancing without a problem. For relatively low-cost entertainment, still best place to take a date. Also, the truly big screen for a number of movies is a cannot-miss experience unless your TV happens to be the wall. But the rudeness of people such as with cell phones going off, people talking throughout the movie, and sticky drinks spilled on the floor doesn't make for a quality experience. Plus now where you could be 25 feet away from the next group of people but you have to wear a mask for 2 hours is not an enjoyable experience. Also, Hollywood needs to get back to actually making quality films again. Way too many films are re-hashes of re-hashes of re-hashes.

  20. I don't go to the movies any more because ninety percent of them promote sjw nonsense, minority loading for no reason, or sexual themes that are not heterosexual, that I could care less about. Not much that a white heterosexual male would care about half the time lately. I installed a 100 screen, projector, and surround sound, with deals I found on Amazon with my Stimulus. I watch stuff like Jaws, Yellow Submarine, Aĺien, One flew over the Cuckos Nest, Ben Hùr, My Fair Lady,20,000 leagues under the sea, The Octagon, Big trouble in Little China, Animal House, etc etc etc. and I wait for better days.

  21. Hollywood is nothing but remakes and reboots and was dying even before COVID. It just expedited its death. The last movie I went to a theater for was Infinity War. I had my phone out for 10 seconds because I was expecting an important call and this dude above me was giving me shit.

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