May 14, 2021


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The epidemic is on its way out – Prof. Sunetra Gupta on Coronavirus DEUTSCHE UNTERTITEL

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36 thoughts on “The epidemic is on its way out – Prof. Sunetra Gupta on Coronavirus DEUTSCHE UNTERTITEL

  1. Were we not making policy on the basis of the reality of what was hapenning on the ground not just in the UK but throughout Europe? Overstretched hospitals and care homes tryng to cope with an outbreak of serious disease were actually being overwhelmed. Case closed!

  2. Some of the scientific models seem to be based on hypothetical assumptions, and not based on proven imperical studies.

    Surely the fundamental strategy is to stop the spread of the virus, and how can this be done effectivelty is of paramount importance.

  3. There are no clear answers in which direction, worldwide, this Covid-19 is going. If you pick the USA, particularly the south, Covid is NOT retreating. Incidentally, the Southern part is warmer and many were outdoors early, now indoors, airconditioning is our lifestyle, and Covid is feasting. This pandemic, it is such, was handled as badly in every possible way it could, here in the USA. It still is for lack of readiness, leadership or coherent management. Nearly every person, agency govt official is just in CYA(cover your butt) mode. I expect that is true most everywhere, correct? In the end, we may all wish we chose better leadership. That is the most important factor we miss right now. Best wishes all.

  4. It is amazing to me that we have just decided to stuff our youth in a what will probably be considered the biggest over reaction of ALL time. It is disgusting that our politicians are only factoring one side of the equation.

  5. The official figures for symptomatic infection have never included any estimate for those of the 80% or so who do not require medical attention who have contacted the NHS Covid 19 advice service after developing symptoms indicative of coronavirus infection. This data must be of crucial epidemiological importance for determining levels of mass exposure and likely immunity. The Government's daily figures have referred only to that minority of cases involving admissions to hospital.

  6. Bull's dust! Fake expert. Stay out of the limelight further. I am looking at the graves, the ash urns, the actual deaths of fellow doctors and expert nurses young and middle aged. Count the corpses!

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  8. But don't antibody tests already give us a good idea of infection and mortality rates? This woman is just guessing that we have a high level of population immunity when the data suggests otherwise. Her previous highly optimistic claims about the fatality rate were proven wrong.

  9. Thank god she stepped back from the insane suggestion that we would lose all our immunity to other viruses after 3months of lockdown. Up to that point her assertions were reasonable but that one was just nonsense. She also failed to state that we still do not know if and to what extent immunity is achieved after being infected. We are also finding out that death is not the only negative outcome from having this virus. Using excess death rates as a measure would get round her issue regarding normal deaths during this period. In fact the WHO are publishing these figures She talks well but many holes in her argument if you do some limited research

  10. Just wondered if we have any estimate of resistance rather than immunity. Could it be large numbers like children are simply able to resist the virus which would not show up in tests for antibodies?

  11. 05.52 "… we do have a significant amount of population level immunity towards this virus, that would be my guess at this point". Notice how the interviewee stresses the word "guess" in that sentence.
    I'd suggest that's not really a stance that supports the dogmatic statements made by numerous posters in this discussion.

  12. Es ist skandalös, was in Altenheimen/Pflegeheimen passiert; Angehörige sollten sich zusammentun und mit rechtlichem Beistand endlich dagegen vorgehen.
    Wir Mitarbeiter sind sehr viel "infektiöser" (wenn überhaupt aufgrund der Masken), da wir einerseits sehr eng mit den Bewohnern zusammenkommen, als auch mit sehr vielen gleichzeitig.
    EIN Angehöriger auf EINEN Bewohner wäre gar kein Problem (Essen reichen z.B.), da die Infektionskette gut nachvollziehbar wäre, bei den Mitarbeitern würde sich das als viel schwieriger gestalten.

  13. When the effectiveness of an island like NZ and its lock down is considered the deaths attributable to Covid-19 are 22 in total or 4ppm over the whole lockdown period (UK by comparison is today at 618 ppm) but from counting obituaries 18 fewer deaths were published every day (compared to previous years). NZs lock down was simple to understand and got the backing of the whole population and it worked (yesterdays two case cockup at the border excepted) whats more a huge number of lives may have been extended however the economic pain may yet be severe.
    While the number of cases and deaths is slowly reducing in the UK could it be that the general public has learnt from the governments wishy washy and confusing rules and learnt to protect themselves rather than the epidemic being on the way out?
    As to any suggestion that the virus was spreading in the population earlier than reported becomes untenable considering that the aged care residences were unprepared and a virus getting into that setting would have created a massacre that even the NHS could not have failed to notice.
    As to there being a large pool of undetected cases NZ went looking for it and found nothing but what was apparent is that there is a trail of the virus fragments detectable by the PCR test long after the individual was an active case. Thus testing out in the community will find active cases (including asymptomatic) and may find some of the recently recovered cases before immunology tests become effective but in saying that UK has done nearly twice the percentage of the population compared to NZ.

  14. This video was posted in May and still no push towards testing for antibodies. The value of those to adopting the correct policy, balancing the needs of health and the economy, are immense.

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