34 thoughts on “The EU Budget & Bailouts Could Bring About It's Downfall”
  1. Von der leyen

    You all conspired to stab the UK in the back because we dared to leave the EU, karma is a thing called COVID19. Ta ra 🇬🇧

  2. I think the EU Budget and Coronavirus rescue package is a con to secure them through ‘no deal’ brexit. This vast sum is ripe for plundering and we’ll definitely see these funds disappear in the first year.

  3. You have expressed how I feel better than every politician in Ireland . Thank you. I don't know what they are at. We were sold out in 2011 and here we go again. Shocking.

  4. The EU commission are only concerned about their luxury lifestyles. Top class everything, meals, hotels, limousines, alcohol, first class luxury flights, luxury holidays etc etc. they have never cared about the member states or their populations. The globalists have shown their hand very very clearly. Only the blinkered sheet don't see it.

  5. Let em vote for want they. Get us out NO DEAL. We will make deals later. Ban immediatly german and french cars. French red wines, which we are the biggest importer in all Europe. After that. They will talk more seriously

  6. The Whole of the Western World is Falling apart.
    I think the days for our Modern Society are numbered and more cracks are appearing every day.
    Swamp the Western World with the Third World and it will eventually become the Third World little by little.
    The Roman Empire Fell because of Bad Management and corruption. So can what we have accomplished today.

  7. we got a problem this person has clue of the eu but has the right to push video on u tube talk about an issue he has clue that the we got a problem here not the subject in the video
    like all big family they kis and make up against your wish
    but clear in melt down brxt supports would like it to be true because they feal threat of re join the eu because they lie to the uk public and now are up the shit with brixt
    so were my brixt as clear sold by brixt people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0B8hGEtf5I&t=24s

  8. Stupid politicians want to burden their citizens with debt that will be paid forever for a virus about as deadly as flu. Worldwide covid deaths parallel flu which happens every year.

  9. I think you're forgetting that though the EU idiots think they have discovered the magic money tree, UK politicians think so too. We are in no better position because our political class is like that of the EU – completely "progressive".

  10. MEP's can't actually reject anything if the commission decides to go ahead anyway. It's all a circus because they know it and the money will line their pockets as much as their corporate friends.

  11. Are you so effing stupid that you don't realise that this virus crap is complete nonsense? The virus hoax is a cover for robbing the taxpayers. Again. That's it. There is no way that they have gone to the trouble of creating this hoax so that a few toss-pots can stand in the way of their gravy train. Wake up silly boy, all these governments are bought and paid for, they'll do as they are told.

  12. I have Irish Blood in me but I don’t feel sorry for Ireland the way they treated Britain.over Brexit they did everything they could to stop Britain getting a trade deal now its they turn.lets see how they like paying up.

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