28 thoughts on “The EU Is Called Out For Secret €70bn Subsidies For EU Farmers After Brexit”
  1. visit your local store. even if its a huge business buy products that only say made in the uk! milk, bread, meat all the way to honey and beer. dont buy spanish strawberry's or grapes! just buy everything made in the UK. fuck the eu. also buy fair trade items from africa and south america. the eu caved to germanys demand and buy cheap coffee and bannanas and sell them for more money in the eu while paying slave wages in africa and south america

  2. No deal , no trade, no obligations, no negotiations , Hard Brexit Now …. Level playing field = RAF BOMBS BRUSSELS UNTIL THERE IS NOT ONE BRICK LEFT STANDING ON ANOTHER … Then the EU can sow some grass . place goal posts on each end . and have a level playing field and chase a soccer ball all day long ! Screw the EU … NO TALK … JUST WALK … WTO NOW

  3. The "level playing" field is just code for protectionist practices. Nobody should be fooled. On the other hand, if the EU wants to subsidise their farmers they effectively subsidise British consumers. We can selectively tax those items that adversely affect our farmers and accept the subsidised Dutch tomatos and Spanish melons.

  4. Once again, we can't trust 'em and never could. They have never liked us they like our money. Those who have any sort of respect for us can join us we' ll see how many that will be.

  5. Hold on to all our fishing rights because if we give them limited access we will lose the upper hand, " STUFF EM " they are bullies trying to punish us for wanting to leave, dont accept anything different than Canada has full stop ! ! ! WTO and be free !
    Then we can negotiate our future trade and not before !

  6. For the last couple of years I have not being buying EU food if it has Irish, Dutch, Danish, etc. it stays on the shelf! Red Tractor scheme should be changed to UK Tractor scheme!

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