15 thoughts on “‘The Family Who Gets Arrested Together Stays Together’”
  1. VOA I expect you guys to do an interview piece with someone like Candace Owens who has a different view.
    If I wanted to hear stuff like this piece I can turn on ABC CBS NBC MSNBC CBSN CNN… Get the picture.
    Don't get like all the other Socialist Leftist Communist Progressive BS networks. BLM Inc is a Socialist political machine and BLM Inc has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates. BLM Inc has hijacked the George Floyd Murder. Democrats have hijacked the George Floyd murder. BLM Inc is an international organization and its agitators are pushing Cultural Marxism around the world to further a Socialist agenda. DO NOT become a mouthpiece for a Socialist movement.

  2. Morons who can not figure out the Google.
    If you did a tiny bit of research, you'd find out the truth.
    Cops ain't killing black folks by the millions, other black folks are.
    But you have no problem with that. #youaintwhite

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