48 thoughts on “The Fear of Ending a Relationship”
  1. Too many choices too much confusion. Do we even know what we really want ?. Don't we regret sometimes for breaking up in the past ? Isn't the grass on the other side of the river greener ?

  2. I'm struggling so much with this. It feels I already dragged so much, 9 years of relationship, maybe 4 of discontent… It's so freaking hard, it's SO hard… I always believe there might be a slimmer of hope, but what if it doesn't work? Have I already dragged too much that I can't act upon this? This is too hard. Individual and couple's therapy didn't seem to help the amount I'd expect. I'm going to talk to my therapist today again, but damn this aches me so much.

  3. This is why you need to be brutally honest from the start of a relationship. The girl that wanted to marry me for years suddenly left me after our relationship rapidly declined for 4 months or so. I tried talking to her about it, tried getting her to talk about her feelings, but there was nothing I could do to change her mind. Instead of dropping a bombshell on someone like that, just talk to them the second you have doubts about anything. Either work it out or end it there, don't cause dumb suffering for both of you in the long run. The truth might hurt, but it's better to invest the time into each other than lie to your partner for months or years and then end the relationship. Love isn't easy, never was, never will be, so get your act together and be honest to your partner.

  4. It's interesting that in the beginning of this video, the description of the relationship made me think that perhaps it should not end. If the person you're breaking up with has done so much for you, and is so important and good to you, I would argue, you should not leave them. And "I don't find myself fulfilled" is a lame reason to leave. Grow up, learn to be fulfilled by something other than the satisfaction of your felt needs. Learn to love someone else sacrificially.

    Yes, there are many relationships that need to end, however, I'm not actually sure that the reasons given in this video for the breakup make sense

  5. I coulda stayed married forever. I did not hold up my end and it cost me. Times change and if youve been single for long you don't need petty narcissistic drama to prove yourself worthy of companionship. Damn sure don't need to be taken advantage of.

  6. When I told my long distance ex boyfriend I wanted to break up it ended up being a ten hour call of sobbing and him yelling at me and telling me he wanted to die… he was incredibly volatile and in agony and furious and it was the most painful thing I've ever done

  7. Ending my 8 years relationship + 4 years marriage = 12 years of my life, i dragged it for almost 6 years, once i did it, it’s the best thing I should have done years back.

  8. I have to mention that for a significant amount of women, leaving the abusive relationship is actually dangerous and being harmed or murdured is not a surrealistic fear.
    Just to make the picture a bit more wholesome.

  9. I'd really love to know from the people in the comments: If you get angry, how do you behave? Do you smash doors, break things or even scream at your partner or are you more that kind of person that stays cool even in an heavy argument?

  10. I'm struggling with something SO much right now. I could anyones advice/help!!! I feel so broken. I've been with someone now for 9 months, and I'm recently engaged. I was previously single 10 years before that, I wasn't going to settle and I found my best friend, my love. The problem: her parents hate me. She is 30 and lives with her mother, I'm 35, and ready to start planning a wedding and life together. Her mother has done everything from running background checks on me to dig up dirt (I got a DUI years and years ago), and even hired a Private Investigator to follow me around to catch me doing something bad (which she could not)…so she hired the PI to go talk to my ex-wife (one of the main reasons she doesn't want her daughter to marry me, because I've been married before, no kids)….she even paid my ex wife to say horrible things about me to try and break us up. Her mother constantly disrespects and humiliates me in every way a human being could be. NOW, I'd be willing to deal with all of this, if my Fiancee was ready to go on and start out life together, but her mother is extremely hostile and abusive towards her, and even mores me, and she cannot find the will to "leave the nest"…her mother continues to disrespect me, and my fiancee will not stand up for me, nor will she choose starting a life with me, over being with her mother. Her defense is "we're just a very close family, and we do things differently than other families." I'd say so…does anyone else think this is nuts? Is it too much for me to ask for her to start our lives together? Our relationship is AMAZING, except for this one aspect, her mother has a positive genius for turning us against each other. It's sad because we both love each other more than anything, but it seems she's going to have to make a choice between starting a life with me, or living with her mom and continuing this. I want more than ANYTHING for us all to be one big happy family, and if her mother would accept me, I'd gladly move forward tomorrow, but she will not, and the disrespect is becoming massively abusive. I don't know what to do, I love this woman more than anything, and I'm certain if it isn't her, it won't be anyone ever again (I know…I know…but it won't). I've treated her so well, she admits that, I've done everything I can to try and get the family to like me, but it's just not going to happen. I just can't imagine my life without her. She is more than a best friend.

  11. The police or lawyers still pick up murdered adult body's. Fears are real. She will kill you or spend the rest of her days making your life miserable. This guy knows alot and I appreciate advice. But I think he sounds like a virgin and not going to take his relationship advice. Sorry dude. She physco. Up set for a few days or weeks shit bro you never argued with a mean woman before. Maybe you left the right one if she was angry for only a few weeks

  12. I would be glad, if the common people would end their relationships with their imaginary partners from the real people, who they abuse and harass because of trying to force themselves the reputation. Their claimed partners would murder them if they got the chance because of how they act against the strangers of the opposite gender. They have ruined masses of innocent peoples lives with violent and other kinds of attacks. All public spaces are danger areas. Women have to wear horrible clothes and makeup because of public spaces are not safe after experiencing certainly repeating tens or hundreds of attacks in their personal lives.

  13. When the little female character in the beginning of the video was crying with the tissues on the bed broke my heart. I just wanted to hold and snuggle her. Reassure her she’ll be ok. (This isn’t normal is it? Mental illness is showing. I better tuck that in….)

  14. That was me with my ex. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to cause them pain (I mean, I really didn’t) but rather every time I wanted to do it some holiday or travesty in his life would occur by postponing it.

  15. Well it’s a sad reality that what you are doing may inspire a lot of pain in them. I really didn’t want to hurt my ex but was doubting the relationship. She left me and I felt depression confusion and pain for a long time. I think try to avoid break ups if at all possible and if it absolutely can’t work out do it with love not hate.

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