October 17, 2021


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The Great Reset: SDRs, Deflation & Gold's Coming Catch Up Phase

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42 thoughts on “The Great Reset: SDRs, Deflation & Gold's Coming Catch Up Phase

  1. Mike you haven't heard that Climate Change environmentalism is a complete hoax.
    I suggest you turn your 'Radical brain' on, to scrutinize that. You think everything's true that authorities tell you? pfft

  2. Mike just a quick question. Why is the yield on the 10-Year Treasury note just 1.5 percent when consumer price inflation is ‘officially’ rising at a 5 percent annualized rate. Maybe not a so quick answer. Sorry.

  3. The Davos prick type people are gonna get their ass handed to them by Russia, India, and China, and just all the Apes that are growing in numbers worldwide.

  4. Many people say that part of the “big plan” with the vy -rus and jibijabs is aimed precisely to dispose of the older tiers of population and their pensions. Hard to argue with that view when you see what both the woo -han illness and its “cure” are doing to the over 70s ?

  5. Hi Mike, I have been following you for many years now and appreciate your expertise on gold and silver. Lets say SHTF, and gold and silver go to the moon, I was wondering, will it make any difference weather you are selling/bartering with BU Silver Eagles or one ounce silver rounds / bars or even cull Eagles? Personally I find it hard to believe that if I were trying to trade an ounce of silver for a tank full of gas, that I would get less because my silver Eagle is damaged, as long as it is weighs an ounce. I would love to hear you thoughts, on that and would it be the same selling back to a gold and silver dealer?

  6. That tweet is USELESS …. it is YTD …same on you guys for using that….hmmm…2020 in may….seems like we were knee deep in COVID….Come on Mike……you are better than that

  7. Hi Mike, i find very interesting if you can cover more in your videos about the new world order, the elite, the great reset, elite's vaccination campaign, enslavement trhough CB and related content thanks for everything

  8. it is all lies and manipulation – I just hate feeling every day the guillotine over our heads – maybe they will crash the world tomorrow and supplies chains will fail, tomorrow maybe they will start a war, maybe they will declare lockdown – this is ridiculous and a crime against humanity in sop many ways it is incalculable

  9. and you guys say MMT does not make sense – at least it puts democracy and the people in charge instead of a new world self appointed monarchy of the most corrupt people on the planet

  10. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. If you know your way around financial market, you'd know better than to panic regardless of the fact the there might be challenges.

  11. Adam, FYI, you contradicted yourself when talking about the rising average age in China. First you mention China's one child policy, then you summarily attribute population aging to natural forces. BTW, you neglected to mention China's recent reversal of their one child policy, precisely because of their aging population. Facts and clarity are important.

  12. I lost so much money taking your advice. Every stock you recommended dropped like 50% or more. So my question is did you do that so you could push the price up and then sell.

  13. Can't see SDRs universally replacing the dollar for the same reason that Mike mentions. SDRs are just a nod to the fact the US dollar is the predominant currency in the basket at 42%, and the World Bank and the IMF are by default US dollar institutions.

    Add in the Euro at 31% and you are near three-quarters of currencies in the basket, hence the entire system is massively weighted to maintain western monetary hegemony.

    China took their SDR allocation but it's a token measure. They obviously haven't reported their true gold holdings, just enough to give them a seat at that SDR table, but their real aim is to duplicate the entire system via the Belt and Road initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  

    Many of those poorer countries also have substantial untapped commodity reserves – for example gold in PNG and iron ore in Gabon and the 'colonial' relationship of infrastructure in return for a percentage output is a real incentive to ignore dollars and go with the Chinese Yuan-zone system. Not good for western governments or central banks.

  14. That's a great video but you know the forex market is a very volatile one and as much it's too risky for beginners without adequate understanding and training to go into trading ,so rather than loose money to bad trades ,invest with a reputable sincere and reliable broker.

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