May 11, 2021


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The Great Ventilator Fiasco of COVID19 | Are They Even Needed? Doctor Explains

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43 thoughts on “The Great Ventilator Fiasco of COVID19 | Are They Even Needed? Doctor Explains

  1. Thank you for this video. Your detailed explanation helped alleviate a lot of worry and helped remind me that doctors are on the most part intelligent and use critical thinking. Maybe everyone being home having only the internet for social interactions has resulted in too much social media, na sayer speech and fear mongering. I really do appreciate it.

  2. An overlooked statistic is that 100% of the covid 19 patients – save those who died in waiting rooms – died on hospital beds. What role might the beds be playing in the pathology?

  3. I watched the first 30 seconds and I have a question: what does Novak being an anti vaxxer have to do with him having the worst comprehension of science out of three? Nowadays fleeting comments used to label and belittle an individual's opinion (which being called an anti vaxxer has become increasingly associated with) seem to be the norm, but as a scientist myself, I would love some small back up (even small). It'd be great if you could elaborate on this claim (as I do not know much about Novak myself )… Thank you!

  4. 100% of all people go on to die. In order to eradicate death, and save lives, reproduction needs to be completely prohibited and enforced by capital punishment.

  5. The sickest people are intubated, so I would assume that those patients had a high probability of dying, but I don’t know because I would need to study the cohort of intubated patients.

  6. I’m only a health researcher (a DSc), so I know little about medicine, but I bet that these twits wouldn’t be against Ventilators if they were sick enough to require one. That’s my educated guess. 👍

  7. I too am in awe of what Elon is doing, mainly with SpaceX, but "I recommend 50% O2" is just plain arrogance. That you're a brilliant entrepreneur does not mean that you are brilliant in every field.

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  9. In Italy during the peak come in the news the doctors were choosing who to intubated, because the lack of equipment, so is missing the information about the relation between the death rates of those people and the patients who were in the same health conditions but were intubated, when the ventilators were available. If the death rate was similiar maybe the ventilators don't help

  10. It's not novel. Betacorona viruses have been around forevs. Come on man!! It's plain flipping fishy when governments politicize health. Where the fuck were the government shutdowns during the height of AIDS in the 80s?

  11. With supposed bradykinin storms in covid, ventilators facilitate blood clotting. But they know this, why else would a covid death on a vent pay out $39k via the CARES Act? Think about it.

  12. As an anti vaxxer, i can tell you it isn`t mostly the vaccine, its the people who distribute & verify it.. if they were liable, maybe one could trust them with injecting a foreign fkuid into my healthy body. junkies inject..

  13. Its the same old story. I have worked repairing and designing electronics all my life and seen so much crazy, wrong and many times dangerous things people who think they know have done to their stuff over the years… Leave it to the experts, don't even try xD

  14. The world is not black and white. It's not about conspiracy theories, it's about ignorance. You have good and bad doctors. You have open-minded and close-minded doctors. Doctors are not immune to ignorance and external influences. To question some medical treatments doesn't mean you are a conspiracy theorist. It's true that you can't automatically blame ventilators for patients' deaths. If those patients were in really bad condition, they probably died because of their conditions. But it's also true that some patients shouldn't be treated with ventilators and their conditions got worst by using them. And it's also true that in some cases ventilators were used too early and did more harm than good. Probably we all agree ventilators are highly invasive machines.

  15. When Elon Musk, called a cave diver trying to figure out how to get kids trapped deep into a flooded cave "A Pedophile", for just saying a submarine wouldn't work, he lost all credibility with me.

  16. If you have problems breathing you might want to turn off any technology and get indoors to reduce your exposure to 60 Ghz frequency which can turn the O2 in your blood into O3, Ozone. Hospitals all have 5th generation WIFI so you may continue your downhill spiral and, o well, you died of the Big C. The overall ignorance of people is more terrifying than what they are terrified of.

  17. I believe ventilators killed more patients than actual Covid-19, due to misdiagnosis.
    It’s not so much tht the doctors & nurses at fault maliciously, but unfortunately their creative thinking was being suffocated due to being in a state of fear caused by the media & from having people rushing to the hospitals at the first symptom of a basic respiratory infection.
    A majority of the fatalities could’ve been prevented if the media wouldn’t have exaggerated this entire ordeal.

    I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for everything you do to make our wild ass world more bearable lol

  18. ok so you want to know what carona is all about – no problem = its a beer .
    to go even deeper if you want the truth …hold on to your tin foil hats!!!!!!!!!
    human consciousness is rising dramatically ( this is just people caring more about other people).
    This CARING is a form of love, in a last ditch attempt to fight LOVE -you incorporate the opposite FEAR.
    Most stupid people think HATE is the opposite of love – you have to CARE alot about something to HATE it -which shows you HATE is a form of LOVE ( in a very strange way ! )
    So FEAR is what is used…but it isnt FEAR itself -alot of people see fear coming and avoid it.
    What is really used is UNCERTAINITY which leads to FEAR -if you are uncertain about the future you live in FEAR.
    game – set – match.
    love conquers ALL which is what they are TRYING to stop….have NO FEAR – WE WIN .

  19. 5:32 And here we are in Spain, going directly to it xddd, while others go first to less invasibe methods (unless the person is so oofed) but i dunno at all since i was not there..that's the problem with all that xdd

  20. These contraptions are not build by skilled experts or engineers, but designers who want to play engineer for a day.
    This is a common issue within the engineering industry, mainly the software and electronics department. This thanks to easy access to everyone with a pc, internet and an Arduino/RPI.

    Often the real experts and engineers tell management building something will take at least 2 to 4 months, while the designers claim they can build the same within 1 to 2 weeks.
    Management in there forever wisdom listen to those who can produce results the fastest, resulting in today's crap our industry tends to produce…
    Then the experts and engineers are asked to fix and repair set crap when smoke comes out after 3 days of operation…

  21. It is not just okay to call Elon Musk great ironically, that is correct. All the things you're a fan of his for, you're a fan of "his" companies and the work of his engineers and researchers who actually know wtf they're doing and talking about. Elon himself has proven he understands science and engineering like the marketer and businessmen he is – not fucking at all, other than that if used in certain ways he can hype and milk the shit out of said hype while taking credit for other people's doings. The workers, the employees of the companies he has large shares of and is the poster boy for are the people you actually want to give credit, not Mr. Walking Ego N' Temper Tantrum

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