April 22, 2021


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The Immune System & Vaccines – Part 2

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38 thoughts on “The Immune System & Vaccines – Part 2

  1. if your doctor you know about the natural immune system vaccines are the mark of the beast especially the new one the covid-19 vaccine is where they using covid-19 passports where you can't purchase and sell that's the mark of the beast
    Revelation 13:17, KJV: "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Revelation 13:17

  2. A global asset, is Dr Sam. Her smile alone is enough to banish the depression that many are struggling with in these days of covid mania, let alone her informative work.

  3. "Virus Mania" is an eye opener for certain. It is worth reading, not once, but at least twice. I cannot believe that all I have learned about viruses in the past before this recent one is false, untrue and lies. Virus Mania is full of details, and information and education and so very fascinating. Yes, I saw a couple typos and a word left out, but it had no effect whatever on the quality of the book. Thank you for letting me know about this book. I have been slow reading for two weeks and will go over some parts again. I'm attempting to absorb it so it takes a little while just like a fine dinner…hopefully, that isn't too sappy of a way to say I am glad I am reading it.

  4. I hope this book will be published in many languages so all around the world people start to read it ! I have my copy , it is amazing ! Thank you very much for all your efforts ❤️

  5. Did you come across the study involving 660 or so home schooled children in the US comparing health outcomes between vaccinated, unvaccinated and partially vaccinated (vaccinated with only some of the scheduled vaccines) children?

  6. 🇬🇧If we have a good vitamin D fed immune system which is designed to KNOCK DOWN intruders into our systems why do we need a genetic vaccine which only HAMPERS the CV virus, still allowing it to attack us in varying intensities and still enables us to INFECT OTHERS until it is defeated?
    Only, it appears, to save the NHS but surely, ensuring EVERYONE is vitamin D tested and topped up to a predetermined level this would not only be biologically more effective (ongoing) but, considering it would strengthen us against EVERY intruder and many ailments it would be HUGELY COST-EFFECTIVE?
    Not, though, profitable for drug companies, as it is so cheap and is easily added to foodstuffs as it is in small amounts now.

  7. If you get chance and can find them as google has now buried them you should read Edward Jenners conclusions on his cow pox vaccine if I say anymore you tube will censor this comment

  8. În medicine we use different terapeutic approach to treat or to prevent ilness
    Dossage are the main factor
    Every drug can be toxic.
    Immunisation also are a medical action against diseases
    May be we must use different dossage of vaccine related to body weight
    Your smille are also a soul therapy .
    Are You sure of what You Say?

  9. I bought a copy of Virus Mania and am just over half-way through.
    It's a great read and should definitely be read by anyone who is interested in finding out what science is behind a lot of the pharmaceutical industry.

  10. I am the the most cynical and miserable old sod when it comes to romance and serious relationships but I think I could fall for this lady… Good job I live about 11,000 miles away…

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