April 22, 2021


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The Indian Miracle? (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

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37 thoughts on “The Indian Miracle? (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. Rich India should help so many slum with decent housing and jobs. You high class rich with luxury lifestyles should ashamed let millions of your people so poor. You should learn from China how to eradicate poverty.

  2. I understand how everyone here is talking about how old the documentary is, but the saddest part is it is very relevant today. each issue focused in this documentary ranging from agriculture which has been a hot topic this year to mainstreaming the country on hindu ideals . this documentary was way ahead of its time , thank you for this

  3. The British were instrumental in creating all these slums and pushing millions of Indians into poverty. Before the British came to India and stole £43 trillion pounds from India, India was the richest country in the world. Now they have the gall to make this video for Channel 4🤬🤬

  4. Is the governing body scrutinizing such blatant lies being spread about our development efforts.. ?. Shameless lies, bias, religion hatred, the presenter is himself shamelessly spreading falsehood.

  5. Blind hate in this documentary. The very fact that this documentary talks about muslim and hindus more often than the poverty exposes its underlying agenda.

  6. The BEST side of INDIA is when assistance is given to smart honest people who focus on GROWTH & AFFLUENCE. The worst is when people are hermits and trapped in their little bubble thinking of central government solving all their problems.

  7. documentary was good does not talk about the urban poverty and caste based economic discrimination, i agree that india has achieved growth but this growth and urbanization is not inclusive, caste based discrimination in market can be seen it still persists. i think scholars should work upon the economic discrimination in urban setups, affirmation policies are need of the hour. Thank you….

  8. Some of you on here having hissy fits over the government taking agricultural land for city expansion. Good grief. Like this is new? It’s always been like this, all over the world. You’ve never heard of eminent domain? Long Island, New York was potato farms and south Chicago was wheat fields. London and Paris were once surrounded by farms instead of suburbs. Stop acting shocked.

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