May 8, 2021


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The Issue Ignored by the Media: How the Military Affects our Climate & Democracy

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13 thoughts on “The Issue Ignored by the Media: How the Military Affects our Climate & Democracy

  1. Rather How Much? it's a well known fact that the Pentagon and the American Military Complex is the single largest polluter on earth (as an institution). It emits more CO and CO2 than China and India on a daily basis.

  2. The military is a vast amounts of wastes
    I know the military needs oil
    Its why its so difficult to get off of oil
    In part
    Other factors play a role
    Everybody or mostly everyone has been made dependent on it
    Everything has been designed around that industry
    Military uses or dumps lots of carbon or other negative outputs
    I'm not talking about the USA but military in general
    They will go Hydrogen or whatever
    Whatever can preform
    If a battery like isotopes can be produced
    And a better can last 28.000 years or something
    May vehicles would not need of fueling perhaps
    Jets reply and other things will depend of some type of fueling
    Unless they find some anti gravity engine or whatever
    Some other way of doing things
    Something like that
    Hydrogen is probably doable
    But can be dangerous as well
    Like any flammable substance
    If they build Hydrogen fueling stations
    It needs to be protected from accidents or some other potential damage
    Somethings are better electric
    Others perhaps nitrogen or Nuclear if done correctly and not cutting costs because of greed or lazy or whatever
    You don't want a Fukushima to happen
    I'm not going to disrespect Japan over it
    Just learn from it
    Yellowstone and perhaps a few other areas have geothermal potential
    Circular water abundance
    While reducing wastes
    Maybe smart showers are like a washing machine or car washing
    Wet Cycle
    Soap Cycle
    More rinse Cycle
    Who knows
    Find ways to do more with less
    Its not the best idea
    People may feel like they are being controlled by something like that idea
    But it depends
    If it feels good and temperature is right
    Sort of feels like a massage or something
    Great sent
    Because of the cycling
    It may reduce water
    But may require a bit of energy
    Get rid of grass and design something else to add in it's place
    That will save water
    But industry uses lots of water
    They need to find ways to reduce waste
    If you are concerned with waste or pollution or scarcity or whatever
    Learn about that
    Design better
    Military is industry
    Industry needs to find a better solution
    We / I can't do it all by myself/ yourself
    But perhaps you can contribute in some way
    I'm not sure exactly what to do myself
    I need my surgery
    I can't do it by myself
    If I could
    I would definitely do so
    But I cannot
    I have to be asleep for the surgery
    I can't do surgery while sleeping
    I cannot pay to do the surgery if I can't afford it
    Thats the world we live in
    Sort of…
    Sometimes anyways
    The problem is difficult for many reasons
    Some are dependent
    Some are behavioral and psychological
    Some of it is a vast amounts of Interdependence
    Business depending on other businesses
    Interconnected business
    Entire communities department on that business
    Its a plethora of different thing's
    As to why things are difficult to change
    Maybe self preservation
    Or others absolutely depend on you like kids or family or whatever
    It puts certain pressures on people
    Individually and collectively
    Some of the over consumption is rooted in planned obsolescence
    Some of it isn't even consumption but waste
    40% of food being wasted
    That's not consumption
    A lack of in that case
    But regardless
    Design matters
    I know how to drive but I don't drive
    I don't need a mansion
    I don't need 60 pairs of shoes
    Perhaps a few for different utilities
    It depends
    I just needs my fucking surgery at the moment

  3. This is the problem, what we have now, what they are longing to install in Germany as well, the millatary through the backdoor on this Coronaagenda, agsinst its own Population.
    Its especially frustrating, when you knew everything befor.
    That makes so hopeless, that living makes no sence anymore, especially by facing that Trance-Human Agenda.

  4. Is 3th World War the reason why we have this lockdown to keep the oil completely for military Operations?- That would be an argument to switch over to Rushia, because more surpression is not possible anymore and also is transhumanism no Perspektive for the time after.

  5. The #onlinemonetizedleft in America should be talking about this, not just screaming at dreaded "liberals" who don't endorse their phony calls for some ill-defined "revolution."

    The way the for-profit neo-communists have neglected real issues in favor of clickbait is depressing.

  6. This is self evident to anyone with a) high school science and b) two neurons. Unfortunately for the world, most of US fails on both counts. It's one of the main reasons the Paris accords are a joke. US will never comply so long as it has its psychotic infantile imperial ambitions.

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