May 11, 2021


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The King and the People (Monarchy Documentary)| Real Stories

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33 thoughts on “The King and the People (Monarchy Documentary)| Real Stories

  1. This is terribly sad. For a King to abuse his power and use the money meant to develop Swaziland, such a beautiful country with an enriching culture for himself is awful. God save this nation 🙏🏾

  2. quick word.. Democracy is not all its cracked up to be. They will use deceptive words like, 'civil liberty' 'human rights' 'Freedoms' . But what you end up with is factions, gangs, different groups who can't agree, wanting power for themselves, and silencing opposition. Look even here in Youtube, if you are not a so-called 'liberal progressive, Leftist' you are silenced and de-platformed with Hate Speech rules. These Unions, and so called workers rights groups are another form of Soviet style Socialist Communism. When they get power, nobody can oppose them. Look at Russia, China, Cambodia, everywhere this system goes, there is mass slaughter. Don't be deceived by Western Style government, and make the SAME repeated mistakes Africa has made. Stick to traditional ways, tried and tested for thousands of years.

  3. I am a monarchist and literal follower of dictators, and honestly, this man does not know how to be a good dictator keep your people fed and happy, and they will leave you alone

  4. Racist garbage. Always think: who is (systematically) not being represented in this 'documentary'. What are the makers real motives? Who is paying their bills? Who did they work for before?

  5. This condition is faced by a lot of 3rd world countries. The absolute monarchy is the easiest path to take to govern people, but it tends to be corrupt, dictatorial, and exploitative. on the other hand, installing democracy on a nation that is unprepared for it will result into oligarchy or a dictator masquerading as a president.

    i think first the people need to be well educated and prosperous at the start to make democracy works. I see firsthand in my country where many people are still poor and not well educated be lied upon and taken advantage of by the elites, and there is little the people can do about it.

  6. Everybody knows it's all about greedy politicians from everywhere, even abroad and corruption! They refuse to share money fairly with population, in order to offer them better life's conditions: incomes, education, employment, decent places to live, etc

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