April 22, 2021


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The Left is Using Mail-in Voting to Stoke a REVOLUTION | The Glenn Beck Program

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29 thoughts on “The Left is Using Mail-in Voting to Stoke a REVOLUTION | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. Here I am in November after the election. How did mail-in voting go for America? Forewarned is Forearmed. You did Nothing to stop this, Dems changed the rules (or attempted) mid-election, and are now scrambling to get courts to win the election for you in time. Trump allowed the networks to set the time and place of the debates then bushwacked him with biased moderators. He walked into it and by the time he won the third debate half the country had already mailed in their ballots. Hindsight is 20/20

  2. Trump authoraterian & fascist ? Coming from the people who want to abolish the fillibuster, add more states, ONLY to add 4 senators to take the majority, pack the supreme court, ( again to control majority) TV throw conservative speakers off campus, I could go on & on, ARE THEY KIDDING!!!

  3. This is because we let them get away with these crimes. We let communist run free with their propaganda we let the democrats over rule our constitution. Its only our fault . common sense these democrats are main supporters of terrorism especially China's ccp and Soros foundation. Bomb them

  4. Lucky Biden now declared as winner. Bye bye Trump Mr President I will miss you. You had the ability bring interest into America politicd. No the USA will becime boring again arrogant and the most corrupt country in the world. Worst than the Iron Curtain and the Red wave of the CCP.

  5. long time listener I heard your rant about our system being broken and out of sync with the law. Im just a small fry in the pan but if you all really what to fix this problem I know of only one man that can help you, his name is Carl Miller attorney-at-law he knows the Constitution law like the back of his hand. A true Master Check his videos out. Its time that the people get involved this is our country and fighting the left if need be is correct, starting with corruption of the elite first. Civil war may need to break out. Its just another part of our history. God be with you friend.

    Best of luck

  6. Well update us on the DOMINION voting machines, which are majority owned by Diane Feinsteins husband, among others, and we all know or should that any device can be hacked, and in Vegas, there are bunches of Nerds who are always working on ways to cheat the casinos, and they are tech savvy. So voter fraud is a lot more prevelant than most are led to believe,

  7. So and other words this is our only chance if we don't fight back now we will never get another chance to we have to fight with everything we are about we even need to protect the Democratic people and try to convince them what this group is about these are not Democrats and they're not Republicans they're trying to change the world in which we live in we can't lay down and just let it happen we would soon live to regret that

  8. It doesn't matter what evidence comes forth the Democrats are going to do what they always do deny deny deny but as long as it's make sense to a normal person's brain then it's a go

  9. Well according to the Democrats today covid-19 miraculously be gone no more fear cuz they knew President Trump was right all along but that's the only thing they could fight him on and trying to ruin his reputation but you know what Democrats it didn't work we knew he was on the right Trail the whole time you cannot close down a whole country eventually we knew it would go away and so did you but you've tried everything in the last 4 years everything that's possible to get rid of our president elect you've tried to get rid of him now we're supposed to believe that this election is on the up-and-up bullshit because it's not

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