February 27, 2021


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The Mortality Reality of our Viral Challenge – Short and Informative!

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22 thoughts on “The Mortality Reality of our Viral Challenge – Short and Informative!

  1. Is covid even real? All deaths are over 80, or with comorbidities or just plain made up! Then you have the PCR tests which are almost 100% false positives… So even the deaths marked up as Covid with fake PCR tests were fake too…. It's literally all fake!

  2. — Calculate the total sum of excess deaths, then subtract normal annual natural mortality and the mass increase in death by suicides, and then account for the uptick surge in deaths caused by cancellations and suspensions of (The) number one life saving mitigation in the world, ( Early Detection cancer, heart attack and stroke). Equates to the actual death rate from SARS-COV-2, to be almost nullified in the data.

    — In other words, if it wasn't for the mitigation attempts of lock-down and the collapse of a globally dependent economy, the excess deaths and overall mortality right now, would be on par with any other year.

    — Sars-Cov-2 is ubiquitous and endemic. (will not/cannot be contained or eradicated) From the (CDC) data, now known to have a virulence of (Naught ) point one four, or an overall survival rate of 99.4 – 99.6%. On par with a normal bad flu season and nothing more.

    What is happening in the world is Stockholm syndrome at a global scale. Induction of mass irrational fear created by censorship of empirical science, data and truth!

  3. This is looking at deaths only… I’m trying to understand both a) the effect on hospitals and b) what is the data on Long Covid.
    Is there need for protecting the hospitals using lockdowns, and are lockdowns actually protecting the hospital / intensive care capacities ?
    As to Long Covid, is it too early to have enough valid data samples?

  4. As far as school closings in the U.S., I have now heard from two public school directors that it is the fear of being sued from the batsh_ _ crazy over protective parents that pressire them to stay closed. Why does our freedoms end where the most objectively fearful begin? 1 in 33,000 of those under 20 years old will die IF they contract this virus, yet the fear remains. I will never underestimate the power if fear again.

  5. Our governments are pulling the levers they have access to, like clising schools, businesses, beaches, parks, etc., simoly because they have the power to do so. Do they ever ask SHOULD they?

  6. Now we have MSM and politicians claiming that any drop in cases are proof mass lockdowns, curfews, etc work 🤦‍♂️ Mean while those who are actually sick are quarantined, hospitals increase protocls, etc .

    Forget the context, forget other countries data, forget the science disproving mass lockdowns, forget everything we've ever done throughout history. …what twilight zone is this?

  7. So lockdowns don't work but looking at it in a different way, perhaps seeing the bigger picture they do in fact work to facilitate the introduction of the great reset and to accelerate the acceptance of the fourth industrial revolution, and the realisation of Dr Klaus Schabb's life's work.
    Don't be a Debbie Downer, look at the plus side.


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