February 25, 2021


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The MSM Is Using Left-Right Divide To Conquer Us All!

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33 thoughts on “The MSM Is Using Left-Right Divide To Conquer Us All!

  1. Politicians on the left will say, "we must unify to stop the right." Politicians on the right will say, "we must unify to stop the left." …And the religious fanatics (oops, I mean political fanatics, …same thing) will lap it up. But there's just one problem with these philosophies. They're contradictory, a fraud, a sham. UNIfy means to bring together as one. There should be no 'left' or 'right' in a UNIfied nation. The fabled two-party system is in place to keep the masses divided so the ones in power can rule as they see fit without much opposition from the angry mobs, …whose attention is constantly being drawn toward each other instead of the actual instigators (i.e. government and the 1% who actually control them). The system isn't 'broken.' Quite the opposite, it's working very much according to plan. The flaw is in the masses thinking the system is supposed to work for them.

  2. Sooo, Luke my dude… I've been following you since the AJ days and I'm getting a little disappointed. I've watched you travel around the world covering all the 'Civil unrest' Hell even pedo Island. Now that its popping off in our own backyard (Portland), you sit in an RV and report third party sources? You're starting to become more alternative late night tv showey. You want my money, I need you on the front lines brah

  3. It is in plain sight that the left-right is designed to divide us, I just don't understand why people don't see it. Democrats and Republicans are the same, and the people who vote Democrat or Republican are also the same. Conservatives complained about Obama all 8 years and liberals blame Trump for everything. So even the people are the same.

  4. When they start quarantining kids at school because of the virus and basically holding your children hostage. Thats the straw that will be the breaking point. Just a thought.

  5. If things slow down they will even do ff events. They want this right left race war to happen. That way they'll be able to get rid of the 2nd amendment and install the big brother surveillance military police state.

  6. MSN have been doing this since the dawn of time.
    They always subvert the goverment, and divide nations so they can suck them dry, like a parasite.
    This is the main reason they were expelled from 109 Countries since 250AD. Some of which they were expelled more than once, totalling 359 expulsions.
    They will tell you they were persecuted, but won't tell you why. And if you ask why, they will call you anti semitic.

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