October 23, 2021


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The Mythical Ark Of The Covenant | The Ethiopian Keepers Of The Lost Ark With David Adams | Timeline

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47 thoughts on “The Mythical Ark Of The Covenant | The Ethiopian Keepers Of The Lost Ark With David Adams | Timeline

  1. Only be viewed by the most pure Christian??? No – I think not… it should only be handled and viewed by The Kohenim – blood line of Jewish priests whom are traceable decendents of the High Priest Aaron and still with us to this day!

  2. The ark of the covenant is located in a grotto cave under the site ,the crucifixion site,called the Skulk or Golgotha's mount. The ark was discovered in 1084 by An American Archaeologist named ". Ron Wyatt" he was given permission to find the Ark ,by the Israeli Govt this is well documented on YouTube. Title: Ark of covenant discovery" – Ron Wyatt. Go watch this documentary and see for yourself! Sorry folks , teark is not in Ethiopian ,or I Jordan or in Arizona !

  3. Why this want to be Indiana Jones do his voyages in Europe bcaz he does these African reports and say lies and the African humble people doesn't even know it! Are there any Ethiopians in here?


  5. The covenant is with creator you only will see ir when ligthing thunder and earthquake come upon the land when all have to go down on there knees and withness the son of creation enter earth That is when the kingdom come with covenant Judgement upon man race who displace the children of isreal The gate keeper will not be able to stop what will happen on the coming so the jewish people can start prepare there war machine for it wont be like the first time CREATOR GOD IS ON CREATION ONE GOD BLACK GOD THE SKY WILL OPEN WICKED WILL BE RUNNING FROM JUDGEMENT ROMAN ENGLISH SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN DUTCH JUDGEMENT FOR SLAVING GOD PEOPLE

  6. Timeline :
    Ark Of The Covenant Has
    Has Been Found ;…
    It is not where Timeline says it is, k,…it was found by Seventh Day Arceologists,…by late Ron Wyatt, & Jonathan Grey,…I'm a cave under Mt. Calvary,…& wen Jesus died, & the earthauake happened, the upright part of the tree of Golgotha – Calvary moved, & the Roman soldier that put the spear into Jesus side, gushed out water & blood, that ran down the cross, & settled onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of The Covenant to, spiritually say, Jesus work on earth was "Finished," completed, for the truth of the gospel to go out into Judea, Samaria, & the utter most parts of the world,…for all, to have the chance to be in the truth of Gods doctrine, of His commandments,…as he who says he loves God, & does not keep His Commandments, is a liar,…& the truth is not in them,…Gods words, (not mine), God never will be a liar,…He knows the churches & the world church of rome, preach false doctrine to the world,
    to trap people, in following a false teaching,…& will not enter into the gates of heaven,…of their tribes.
    The truth is out there & has been truly found, by Gods remnant day archeologists, & AMEN !, TO THIS, I SO DO SAY,…GET RESEARCHING TRUTH NOT THE COUNTERFITES THAT satan HAS PLANTED AROUND THE WORLD,…LITERAL ISRAEL, IS THE DEAD CENTRE OF THE WORLD,…AS JESUS WILL RETURN TO IN CLOUDS OF GLORY IN THE SKY,….& AFTER 1,000 YRS WILL,…WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD,…& WILL RENEW IT, & WITH NEW HEAVENS !, WHERE SIN WILL NEVER RISE AGAIN,….Jesus said to the disciples back then & now, still today,…My Peace I leave with you, not as the world gives you, & Amen.

  7. Ethiopia was all Sub Saharan. Ethiopia of today was abbysinia. Kush or utopia is Sub Saharan Africa. From uganda southern cameroon, Angola, Kongo, Kenya, TANZANIA , Mozambique, Malawi, zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, zimbabwe, Botswana, south Africa, Namibia, Lesotho. Remember Atlantic ocean was Ethiopian ocean look ancient map or Google ancient map of Africa will see all of them.

  8. He says at the beginning: "The robes, chanting and mysticism come from the Bible."
    Robes maybe, chants depends on what they actually say, however mysticism is sin according to the Bible. Not a good start for accuracy.

  9. Jeremiah hid the Ark of the Covenant in a tomb in Bethlehem where it is today.
    SOON there will be earthquake in Yahweh's LAND and that tomb will be opened and the Ark of the Covenant that Moses had built will be seen with The Table of showbread and the alter of incense and the Menorah.
    THEN Yahweh's chosen ones will build Ezekiel's temple.
    Ezekiel chapter 40 to 48.
    Then the end will come.

    In the day I do this says Yahweh I will cause the whole world to STINK. You who reject me, Your knees shall knock together and your bowels will be loosed. By this shall you know that I AM Yahweh who watches over the earth.

  10. the ark is on Aksum Tsion Maryam church only some priests can see it and also some part of the cross that our Jesus died is also in ethiopia place named Gishen debre kerbe and the amazing part is this place (Gishen) when you see from birds eye view the land is cross shaped … Staff of Moses also in ethiopia under lake tana… the reason that ethiopia is so bless ful by God is when Jossef, Marry, and Jesus baby (when he was a kid) was migrate from Jersualem to Egypt they were also had been in Ethiopia then Ethiopians welcome them an his mother(Marry) asked her son to bless them and Jesus gives Ethiopia to Marry to be her የአስራት ልጅ I don't know this word have a real word but let say it "tenth sons"
    So still now much of ethiopian's people follow Ethiopian Orthodox Chrstianity and also Ethiopia have so many priests and monks which they live out from the world life and Pray for us
    And as the reporter says Ethiopia is the only country which is not Uncolonized by War … Menilik the 2nd is the Emperor that time when he defeated Italy at this war he was fought with the St. George Ark and they defeated them with any modernized weapon. the surenders from Italy troops saied some thing with horse was killing them and we all know the will of God and we know St. George was fighting

    let me clear this up Menilik the First is the son of the great well know king Solomon and Ethiopan Queen Saba
    Menilik the second is the emperor who won Italy Ethiopian war (Adwa) the pride of Africa

    God bless Ethiopia and am thankful to be born from this religious society

    to know more about Ethiopia just read the whole Ethiopian 81 bible you will get the answer even the world doesn't have the whole bible Ethiopians priests full fill it then you will get the answer that the prophecy of Ethiopia … and also Ethiopia is mentiond many times in the bible than Jerusalem and that's a big deal am shure

    sorry about my Typing Errors English is my second language which I use to speak at presentation only

  11. I first heard of the history of the Ark of the Covenant and it has always intrigued me. I am now hearing that there may be three. One is in Jerusalem under the Dome of the Rock, don't know about the other. Talk is that it contains technology from the Space civilizations that visited planet Earth. Thank you David, surely do appreciate you sharing your quest. Love and respect from Australia. (Beyond Mystic described this land as having a portal on the coast at the entrance to the Red sea; MelK also refers to Jerusalem as the other sacred site.)

  12. a very powerful ending as the skeptic walks into the moon (death) and out comes a more pure and holier man in his shadow. all of it was beautiful and it seems like he left his purity there in ethiopia, the real land of god

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