June 17, 2021


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The New War on Terror: Innocent Until Proven Conservative | Ep 112

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21 thoughts on “The New War on Terror: Innocent Until Proven Conservative | Ep 112

  1. Absolutely I am a threat to those who would destroy my country and put my family in REAL danger. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Biden and his administration are a threat to our Constitution. We need to come together in person as well. Social media communication is worthless, a simple DELETE and it never happened.

  2. The only option they have left us with is war. We need our States to seccede forming a new Union to give legitamacy to Patriots defending the Constitution. The Right however has no spine, will not organize, will not take a stand, will do nothing but talk right up till we are marched into train cars. Where are these III%ers? They're LARPERS that will do nothing. Our Nation is already lost, the time to act is very nearly gone. Pray and prepare for what is now inevitable, the destruction of the United States and the total persecution and elimination of straight white Christian patriots. Pray for God's peace and comfort, prepare physically yes, prepare your soul to meet God. The left will see us all dead.

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