May 14, 2021


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17 thoughts on “The NFT Moment with Metakovan Part 1 (SOB 459)

  1. So I listened to this a couple of hours ago and got interested in the idea of decentaland, I signed up and was looking at how much things cost like land, due to the recent price increase in the Mana token the cheapest piece of land is about $4000, you get about 2 meters squared for that, it’s quite off putting for a newcomer to their platform and it seems all the land is being held at massive prices. The developers have no control over the prices so if you do want to buy anything you will have to wait until sellers adjust their prices to a more realistic levels for the creatives to get involved creating interesting environments to attract new players. Unfortunately for now it looks like a load of digital landlords have bought up all the land and are just sitting on it to get lucky with some rich fool to buy it.

  2. How the fuck is this speaking on bitcoin, it should be called Promoting Ethereum. when Metakoven Clearly has been buying art on Ethereum with Ether and b20 owned on ethereum and is only for sale on uniswap for ETHER! ???

  3. this nft art thingy is very much like the ico craze which was a big hoopla few years ago! Its hard to "buy" many of the things sold here in the garb of "democratisation"…

  4. BUY or sell your way into the art world and the history books, as usual. No paradigm shift here in that regard. * Explain how Eth/ERC tokenized NFT's are decentralized ? The "gatekeepers' that host the smart contracts and listings, initially on behalf of the "artists", are a far cry from Bitcoin.

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