May 8, 2021


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The Only Guaranteed Path to Defeat COVID, Mandated-Insanity & Save Our Liberties Now!

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27 thoughts on “The Only Guaranteed Path to Defeat COVID, Mandated-Insanity & Save Our Liberties Now!

  1. Look the VAX is in the test , Hell think why are they poking this swab up into the layer of thin film next to your brain deep in the nasal passage – NANOBOTS – They have them now , Why arnt they just tacking a swab from your saliva like any other test , Man what a con .

  2. I know I say this all the time but you so ROCK Sibel! 😉 Xoxo
    Tom Woods and his book Nullification rocks too! It is a must read for every and all Americans! I love that you are going there into the Jefferson tool box as Woods said! Because not enough Americans bring up the concept of nullifying unconstitutional laws. It's about time they do! Both you and Woods are my heroes! Nullification is indeed the rightful remedy! Personally I know I'm never letting anyone force vaccines on me! Hell no!

  3. Thank you for bringing me hope after the gloom of nine months under a Tyranny which has seen me ostracized from the only grocery shop in town, and feeling alienated in a sea of muzzle-wearing brain-dead collaborators. Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset" is more horrible than the worst nightmare any sane human could have. It is not only anti-American, it is profoundly anti-human as it seeks to steal from us everything that makes us Human Beings, and wants to eventually reduce those it "allows" to live to the level not just of dogs, but of ants. I have never worn the muzzle of submission and never will – despite still living in California because Obama's FATCA law led to the closure of my bank account which I kept overseas in order to be able to relocate at any time. For eight years now no country's banks have been willing to open a new account for me, and this despite not even being a U.S. citizen. We are living under foreign occupation by Klaus Schwab's Totalitarian regime.

  4. Yes, I live in Plam Bay Fl and everyone is still wearing the mask even though the Governor has said we don't have to wear them. These people have no sense. I haven't worn the maks in months and refuse to do so.

  5. Sibel, I wish you to be the next American President, because you are the real saviour of humanity. You are the real hero&heroine of our Zeitgeist! Size hayranım…

  6. Thank you Sibel for your exhibiting your patriotism in your book, as well as on the front lines in defense of our U.S. Constitution. Bless your father for planting this seed. He would be proud.

  7. Tom Woods is a run-of-the-mill, Ivy League know-it-all who subscribes to Austrian School Economics. No thanks. There is plenty of info on the Tenth Amendment to go around.

  8. Much respect Sibel, but they already have precedence: Marbury v Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall wrote: "It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is." Since then, instead of 50 individual states effecting their own views regarding constitutionality, we have one Supreme Court establishing a uniform rule for the entire nation.

    It also states in the 10th amendment that states may not block federal authorities who attempt to enforce a federal law unless a COURT has held that the law is unconstitutional. And it is obvious that the COURTS are not siding with the people. Therein lies the rub.

  9. Well, whatever happens in the future with all that is going on, make sure your eternal salvation in Jesus is secure, Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed ALL of your sins when He died and rose. Simple! If you need some teaching on the matter, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com is a good source of info. All of their content is free. The teaching series titled, 'change of mind' has all of the basics in ebooks & streaming video formats…

  10. You have many fine attributes Sibel, but ability to turn a populations insanity to sanity or belief to knowing isnt one of them. The puppet show will get crazier, looking to change the script is worthless. Perhaps building your ark and within your own reality is the only salvation. Best wishes.

  11. Rhode Island frightens visitors.
    We are still locked up.
    You have to wear a mask inside and outside your house, and in your car.
    People attack you and scream at you for not wearing one.
    You have to eat with your mask on too.
    Restaurants are closed down, stores are closing.
    I wear a face sheild because I can't breathe in a mask, people take pictures and report you to the health department and governor.
    I am scared to death to leave my house anymore during the day.
    The last time I left my house was to go vote for President Trump in person.
    Otherwise, I keep the lights off and the curtains closed, so I don't get a ticket for not wearing a mask.
    I haven't seen my children or grandchildren in months, because we are only allowed 4 people in your house, and in have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.
    I just lay in bed and cry.
    I have been fighting all my life for freedom, and a wonderful life for my kids and grandchildren.
    I beat cancer twice and a heart attack, yet I can't beat these democrats!!
    I am embarrassed about this Country.

  12. You are right Sibel. The mandate will be enforced by Corporations; not by the government. The enemy is Transnational Capitalism; Neoliberal Globalist Capitalism. Unfortunately many Americans are indoctrinated not to be able to see that Capitalism can be a threat. They will fall for the China Done It Hoax….like so many fell for the Russia Hoax.

  13. Sibel, 
    Catherine Austin Fitts is one who also believes, as I understand her, that the answer has to begin locally and move upwards. She publishes the Solari Report and she too has had the experience and knowledge of the workings of the government at the highest levels. Do you know of her? She took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. Her expertise is financial as well as political. She lives in Tennessee, which may be a state which there may also be hope for doing what you are proposing. She has said that the local sheriff is the the most important person you can vote for.

  14. The only thing that works in Washington is looking after the interests of the Corporate elites. Corporate subsidies and the the War budget etc go through smoothly without a whisper of objection. They only play politics with issues that might benefit ordinary folk…like helping people who are forbidden to work. There was a Princeton study a few years ago that showed there is a statistically negligible correlation between the will of the American people and what goes on in the Congress.

  15. Here is the problem. Arizona has basically just proven the problem. If the state claims the emergency is over, emergency funding from the federal government will cease.
    The federal government has decided they can print money, the states cannot. If the state does not do anything the federal government wants, no free money.
    Obviously, most states being the example, they are quite unwilling to do anything that might jeopardize the flow of free funds.

  16. What are you doing in Florida if America is being divided into North and South all over again. All chosen ones are shifting South. The skilled from the North will leave for Israel. So what are you doing in Florida?

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