March 1, 2021


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The Price of Raising the Minimum Wage for You & The Economy

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47 thoughts on “The Price of Raising the Minimum Wage for You & The Economy

  1. High wages force companies to outsource jobs to foreign Countries that have lower wages.
    It also increases inflation pressure which enables Government to recover more taxes to pay the debt.
    It also reduces negotiated wages of employees to help recover the lose of paying to much for unproductive staff.
    India becomes stronger and china becomes stronger because they have very educated people at a very low wage.

  2. Some of your budding entrepreneur viewers are currently working minimum wage jobs. An increase in minimum wage would be life changing because it means they can spend more time on their goals, work fewer jobs and invest time on themselves. Why are you against this?

  3. This guy is a scam artist. He runs a MLM which is a glorified pyramid scheme. He got his money from ripping off folks with big dreams and no idea of how the business world actually works. Don’t trust a word of what he says. He would leave you in financial ruin if it made him an extra $5.

  4. I don't know how you guys don't understand what he's saying. It's pretty simple and makes 100% sense. Problem is you guys are biased cause you work at a big company getting paid $10, so you'd love to get the $15. So just say that, instead of saying Patrick is being "dishonest"

  5. The cost of living will go up as well. Rent, prices of food and other misc. items will go up for those business to be able to pay those employees. I think it should go up but gradually.

  6. literally this dude listed a bunch of capitalist countries for the high minimum wages and then russia and china for low minimum wages… and tells us that high minimum wages mean socialism… dude couldve at least skewed the data or something to TRY to make himself look right but he literally supplied data that directly contradicts his point… and australia's minimum wage is 15.36 for those older than 21

  7. Within the first minute, he lies about the minimum wage in Australia (it's actually $15) and then proceeds to misrepresent why some countries don't have a minimum wage. They don't have a minimum wage because they have strong unions, not because they trust that businesses will be kind and pay fair wages. Furthermore, he says Australia a socialist nation which is just ridiculous.

  8. Capitalism is a pyramid scheme that requires workers at the bottom. The scam is that anyone can make it big, but not everyone; by definition most people will be at the bottom of the pyramid for life. And people like this rich man, want to convince us that if you're poor it's your fault.

  9. Here's a 18 year old girl, living with her parents, takes a 5$ per hour job to pay for her next I-phone. A mother of 3 children who now applies for the dame job, HAS TO ACCEPT 5$ per hour or be jobless, but from that 5$ she has to keep her 3 children fed and keep a roof over their head.

    Good luck to the mom. No (decent and appropriate) minimum wage for her, because someone who has way less need of money takes her job.

  10. Australia is a socialist country? Norway trusts the companies to provide a living wage? This is somehow the stupidest fucking video on an internet that shares bandwidth with Ben Shapiro and Randy Rainbow

  11. "Biden is a great man who embodies the same values as Trump standing against China control and Democrat corruption, and for the USA."
    — said No Body Ever

  12. Everybody shitting on him in the comments but why ? Its the truth the minimum wage being raised isnt good in simpler terms the mininum wage goes up everything else goes up , especially right now how can you force small businesses to pay more money when their isnt any 🥴

  13. As soon as I heard "Australia is known as a socialist country" I knew we are dealing with another right wing dumb dumb that has no clue what he is talking about.
    Yet again we learn there is no correlation between being rich and intelligence.

  14. Walmart puts other businesses out of business with scale and reduced pricing. How does this story make any sense?
    Edit: I watched the other video, now I see the point.

  15. The Nordic countries (ie. Denmark where I live) they don't have a federally mandated minimum wage in the North American sense, it is mandated by national unions. These unions are a pretty much branch of government that form workers rights. From this format the Danish minimum wage is about $20/hr (usd).

    Having worked for a starting small biasness in Copenhagen (a family restaurant), this minimum wage costs ment slightly greater product price but everyone in the country try could still afford to eat at the restaurant because they were all paid a sensible wage no matter their job (or employment status)

  16. Why.. Not 🤔 other stores might sell something cheaper but they just up prices on other items people buy to make up difference. And if you have competition.. You just have to sell better products or give better service. People can't even live off minimum wage these days. I think it's a good thing. And the essential workers deserve it. 👍

  17. If the government doesn't set minimum wage high enough or control it at all, the corporate world will crush the workforce like it's always done, and unions will take over anyway and set wages. You sound like an idealist Patrick. The real world always challenges ideals…. Maybe the government found out a way to tax the rich without raising income tax.

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