June 17, 2021


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The Price Of Winning & Why Its Worth It

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39 thoughts on “The Price Of Winning & Why Its Worth It

  1. I’m a strong believer in this..there’s times I question myself..but I always remind myself why I’m doing it…I’m a believer that it’s not the time you spend at home or with your kids the makes the difference it’s..it’s the quality of time that makes the difference…I talk about this with my kids all the time I share my goals and dreams with them ..I tell them I don’t believe in excuses or that things are impossible as long as there is a will..I spend a lot of time away but the little time I’m home I make sure they count!!!🚛💨

  2. My daughter said something similar “Dad I want you to get fired because you don’t spend enough time to with me, your always busy” so, I can relate 1000%.

  3. Great video
    That is the truth that I could feel guilty why someone as a father or parent didn't spend enough time with their children or someone with loved ones and I think the person also feel guilt if they don't follow their dreams we feel guilt anyway and I may feel guilt at some point but I can do something about it not feel it but can't do anything about it.

  4. Thank you Patrick, I have an Audible account and am always reading. I think you can help folks with two book lists. One all-time list and a what-is-Patrick-reading-now list

  5. "If I eat less, would you stay home more?" wow … powerful

    I'm not that into the business world like u or guys that follow u .. but I had a similar situation with my boss.

    He asked if I could work more hours for more money off course and I said NO
    He asked why and I said cause more money is no exchange for my time with my wife and kids.
    He asked how much he needs to pay me for more time and I said u can't … U can double my monthly income and I would deny to work more hours for U

    He asked if I dont wanne be more successful and I said YES off course I want to, but for which price?
    Sure I can learn more, sure I can do more and sure I can get better at my Job.

    But do you really think MORE hours for MORE money is the way to go in life?
    Thats not getting better, its only doing more.

    Hope that make sense 4 u guys cause english is not my first language but I try to share my experience in life 🙂

  6. Imagine how God, Who gave us His Divine Son, feels when we fail to love Him, Who gave us intelligence, a beautiful world and Who watches silently while we continue to destroy it all, with all our hearts, all our souls and all our strength, we, who are so frail …

  7. I enjoy watching your show and watch it all the time, but I have to say this is the first time I'm afraid I have to disagree with what you say. I am that father who gave up my dreams and career to raise my kid and be there for every game, event, and lots of quality time and fond memories. I will never regret it one bit and will never be on my death bed wishing I had more time to work. Sacrificing my dreams to build a meaningful and memorable relationship with my kid could never be replaced with money or fame. I guess it is just where your priorities are in life.

  8. Every living organism that breaths will suffer loses at one point in his life.
    Everyone should be able to handle that situation specially if you're on a winning-cruise-control mode.

    What goes up, will eventually goes down.

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