March 4, 2021


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The Problem of Shame

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25 thoughts on “The Problem of Shame

  1. Islam and Christianity make people be ashamed of themselves because they are "sinners" by setting standards impossible to meet in order to get to "heaven".

    They then have to try more and more to be good believers and that gives religion full control over them.

    So they end up targeting other "sinners" to feel better for themselves.

  2. The video talks about a need to defend the abusive guardian rather than face the difficulty of acknowledging the abuse. Is there a name for this pattern of behaviour? I'd like to know more.

  3. When I was a kid my brother was abused by my half brother. I was abused by my half brother as well but my full brother got the worst between the two of us. Around the age of 10 years old my older brother began killing animals. One day when we got out of school he found a box with two cats inside (by this time I was 8 years old) quickly he took them and I followed him back home. He brought me to the basement and we killed them. I still feel bad about it to this day.

  4. irrelevant comment:
    I'm gonna try not to listen to music today. Music tends to control my mood. If I don't listen to it, how will I be during the day?
    Maybe a day with my tinnitus and the terrible painful sounds will be a good day.

    Oh wait, I have a music lesson today. actually, I don't like the music so I guess I'm fine.

    oh wait, I actually kinda do.


  5. This actually helped a lot. Knowing that we’re all flawed, a lot of people aren’t perfect, not to give excuses of our own downfalls, but to say we should give mercy and we should show kindness when people make mistakes because we’re flawed too. Giving people second chances it’s almost better than giving everybody a high standard and then being disappointed or angry when they fail. It’s so much kinder to just realize that we’re all crazy and we all deserve mercy and to live.

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