September 25, 2021


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The Renegade Knight's Castle In Northern Ireland | Time Team | Timeline

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40 thoughts on “The Renegade Knight's Castle In Northern Ireland | Time Team | Timeline

  1. So basically this Knight and his crew
    Just took over a hunk of Ireland
    And never told the king of England?
    How could the king not know?
    Wouldn’t he be looking for tribute ? I’d love to know how these knights spent there days and nights and how they got people to make them food and tax collected

  2. I'd love to but living on a small income from Uncle Sam I am afraid I can not afford it. Something else on YouTube I can no longer enjoy because of no money.

  3. Co. Down was my home until I went to university. While it was sad to have had so little of our own history taught in schools in the 70's, it is brilliant to be able to watch Time Team unravel some really interesting bits of our past!

  4. I come from a long line of McNamara's and they were castle builders, from what I understand theres still a couple left standing and a monastery, I hope one day I can go to Ireland and see its unbelievable beauty and soak in as much history as I possibly can

  5. Beautiful landscape and beautiful archaeological reportage. Adds to the urge to visit Ireland. Anything that sustains, enhances, and/or advances the truth brings people. And of course the Irish are renowned for the philosophical and poetic way in which they bring comely truths to life.

  6. I cant explain if its mania, or genetics but, imagery from the Isles conjures a sense of home familiarity. If possible, ide likely walk along the country as long as possible…just thinkin, experiencing the soil and stone of my forebears.


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