October 23, 2021


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The Robberies of the Century | (Full Crime Documentary) | Timeline

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24 thoughts on “The Robberies of the Century | (Full Crime Documentary) | Timeline

  1. Have to agree. Shame about the noise called music can't hear properly and really wanted to. A good show otherwise. The attack on jack mills is the reason the great train robbers blotted their copybook – unforgivable – and the blokes with the petrol and the guard's crutch- why didn't they search the guard first? Still, a good show.

  2. The train was so unprotected anyone would be tempted to rob it for that kind of money. Who wouldn't be tempted by such easy money it would be a great police setup. when criminals see life changing amounts of money there will always be some desperate enough or stupid to try it. The prisons around the world are full of criminals that dream of how to steal money every time they close their eyes

  3. It's unknown if Freddie Foreman and Ronnie Knight took part in the security express robbery, Ronnie's Brother Johnny was said to have been on the robbery with John Mason ,Clifford Sax ,Ronnie Everette ,Its believed they brought in Fred to help them get the money out of England ,in a short documentary with Johnny Knight ,Johnny said "Ron cant rob one time he had to get me to climb through a window, he couldn't break it" They turned the Costa Del Sol into a gangsters paradise, Freddie was among the greatest British gangsters of the last century ,he's always linked and called the Kray Twins enforcer, he was a much better gangster and the Kray's wouldn't have achieved half o what they did without Fred ,he's 88 now and said to have very little money which is sad due to the amount of bit's of businesses and clubs pubs ,property ,casino's he had from the early 60's to the late 90's after he was released in 1995 he stepped down from crime ,as he said " Today with the amount of CCTV you can't go for a pint without being pictured"

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