September 25, 2021


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The Scientific Reality of MEAT and Human Health – The full story in 15 min!

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32 thoughts on “The Scientific Reality of MEAT and Human Health – The full story in 15 min!

  1. One form of refined sugar that screwed us up more than any other, IMHO, is high fructose corn syrup. That stuff should really be banned. Soon after it entered the USAmerican diet, type 2 diabetes rates went up, up, up. I recommend the documentary-movie King Corn

  2. Agree with everything except the evolution theory! But it doesn't change the outcome of the video! Evolution is also bad science! Creation is the real deal! But we were created to eat meat, yes! That's true! Thanks for the video!

  3. Thankyou for posting! Makes me angry what the vegan BS is promoting- that it's better for us and the environment when it's all part and parcel of a much bigger money making scheme!

  4. I just watched another videos of yours, and was directed to this. Well, I'm going to leave this channel. I have no political orientation at all, left or right, but I have compassion for animals. Therefore, I don't eat meat. It's simple, for me it's a question of love and compassion. So, I think, unless you develop love and compassion for animals the doors to heaven will be closed for you. I bloody well hope so. I wouldn't want to be sitting up there, playing my harp, next to an Ex Meat-Eater. (Unless it's my dog, of course, his meat-eating is not his choice, but you have a choice)

  5. A good defense of eating animal protein but a pity he got into talking about CO2 which he has no understanding of. He totally got the stuff about CO2 wrong and is obviously a strong global warming believer. The fact is the cycle time of CO2 in the atmosphere is very short perhaps in the order of 3 to 10 years and this is been scientifically proven despite what the popular press would have you believe.

  6. I can totally back up what he says about veg been the main thing we waste. After buying a junk food box which is basically just out of date food for months, iv noticed the main things in the box are veg (all wrapped in plastic of course) and vegatarian sausages, vegatarian burgers etc. And I mean they offer you a box full at a time because they have pallets loaded with them.
    When you consider how much more these foods are wasted compared to meat I do see where he's coming from.

  7. Don’t get me started on the diet gouvernement organisation recommend to pregnant women! It’s outrageons, i am glad I knew better before I was pregnant.

  8. Low-quality plant food? Plants cover the earth. We eat them. We don't have to hunt them. We never had to prove to animals that we were the 'apex predator'. The earth freely provides us with vegetables and fruits that we collect and consume with no risk to our safety.

  9. Some people have very backwards thinking.
    Let's get rid of CO2!!!
    You know, that molecule that Keeps plants from dying?
    You know, plants version of Oxygen?
    Then again if we go ahead and get rid (reduce) CO2, maybe the vegetarians will die out.
    Cause ..
    They suffocated and killed all the plants.

  10. The produces of this video are disingenuous at best and flying in the face of nutritional science and the evolutionary history of primates.

  11. Spend some time watching how animals are killed, you would never let your children watch it and never mind the destruction on the planet which animal agriculture is creating.

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