March 1, 2021


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The Shocking Truth About Carbs & Diabetes | Rich Roll Podcast

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44 thoughts on “The Shocking Truth About Carbs & Diabetes | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. :-/ You guys say that one can eat "as much carbs as they want" but you're enjoying fruits and vegetables and whole foods.
    This is very misleading to people who hear this and think "I can eat as much bread and rice, crackers and chips, as I want now."
    The Archaeologic Record has shown the affects of grains on human health for millenia, and across the world.

    Sometimes it sounds like, when plant-based vs. animal-based people debate this, that they're both 1/3rd correct, both 1/3rd incorrect, and 1/3rd missing the point. Of course you should be eating plants; Of course eating only animal meats and fats will shorten your life span, but if you're not farming the fields, processing the grains, and putting in the effort to make them edible, you most likely AREN'T expending the energy needed to eat them with such gusto and abandon. So many of us have had to transition to a nearly sedentary life to respond to this pandemic. If we're not going to be regularly active, really how much bread do we need? Yeah eat your fruits, veggies, and beans, of course – but some of the implications here without explanation are just dangerous.

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  3. Thankyou , for this interview , and the info .I am doing there diet with no vegetable fat at all , got ride of avacadoes . and a little meat , was pre diabetic .I enjoyed five oranges was so nice . My blood glucose is slowly coming down .I was running to fined answers , Theise guys where last resort , was scared and skeptical , but now a believer .
    Thankyou .

  4. Vaccination, Vaccination and Vaccination!!!! They cause mutation inside your immune system and organs. The reason of increasing type1diabetic in today's world is the number of Vaccination that this poor kids are getting nonstop. It is a very basic math: higher number of Vaccination = higher number of type1diabetic.
    The vaccine proteins and ingredients turn on your immune system and make inflammatory responses and kill your organs and cells depending on your DNA by causing million type of immune system diseases

  5. I have a question. So I don’t disagree with this at all, I would just like some clarification. So they mentioned how carbs, like bananas will spike blood glucose levels, so people with diabetes will assume bananas and carbs aren’t good for them. How do we go from carbs spiking blood glucose levels a lot, to blood glucose being stabilised by carbs in a matter of a day or days? I’m just not clear on how this happens. Thanks in advance

  6. I am sorry but this is ridiculous… and while maybe it is "shocking" it is definitely not "the truth". Maybe for Cyrus this worked but a low carb/keto diet produces proven results in most diabetics. I trust the research of Jason Fung and Robert Lustig far more than this "phenomenon".

  7. Ive been testing this for two days. Testing my blood glucose 2 hours post eating and at 12 hours fasting. Absolutely true. Two hours after eating 2 bananas, two pears and an apple I was at 94. I ate a pear and waited an hour. glucose was 81. 12 hours later. Glucose was lower than the meter can detect. I will continue testing, but my results are very close to their data.

  8. What they do not tell you: In ketosis you burn fat much more efficiently. You CAN still eat too much fat, if you excess your calorie intake, which might lead to what the bold guy describes. But this does nor happen often, as one tends to eat LESS calories in ketosis, as one is not excessively hungry, as insulin does never go up a lot. You can also eat to much carbs but can tolerate it much better, if you are an endurance athlete. People who are on high carb diets and do burn all of due to physical activity should be aware, that they simply tolerate it better.
    What works for Rich or durianrider, will lead to diabetes type 2 in a normal american, who chooses the worst of two worlds
    Other thing to consider is the sodium intake on low carb diets, which has to be much higher than usual. Low sodium will trigger insulin release what can lead to resistance in the long run.This what I thought when hearing about the fat dropplets.
    I am in ketosis most of the time, but when I cheat and eat carbs my blood glucose remains still very low. As the body will first replenish the glycogen stores in the liver and muscle tissue, that are completly (liver) or partly (muscle) depleted. So my arms will grow up to an inch overnight, which is a clear indicator. To avoid what is described: Work out, strength AND cardio, do not eat more than twice a day.
    What works very fine for me is to reduce fat, up protein. Basically meat, fish, non starchy veggies. Still in ketosis without overeating fat.

  9. I've been Type 2 since 2011. I was told by every doctor to eat meat, dairy and eggs every day because they had very little carb and high fat will slow any carb. My A1c always came back in the high 8's and 9's. On March 4th this year, my A1c came back at 8.3. I had enough of insulin and meds and decided to go vegan. By August, my A1c dropped to 5.9 – prediabetic level, and I did that eatibg veggie burgers and vegan junk food everyday. Now I am WFPB and oil free. I have another test scheduled for December and I'm hoping that will be under 5.6, which will mean it's reversed and I won't have to pay for insulin anymore. Fingers crossed.

  10. I understand that too much fat in liver cells and muscle cells prevents glucose from entering these cells. Does that mean that both of you at your normal weights were suffering from this problem? Were you both eating too much saturated fat? What would you say to someone who almost never ate saturated fat, but ate lots of white basmati rice daily and just discovered that they had prediabetes? That person is slightly underweight and does not have fatty liver disease at all.

  11. I’m really worried about my little grandson. He was born with a huge head of hair. Looked like a mans head of hair. He now has bald patches at age 7. My son and daughter-in-law feed them omnivore including lots of milk and they also like the keto diet, although they are off and on. The kids eat lots of sweets and cheese. Their grandpa is Navajo and is lactose intolerant and I am worried that my grandson could become type one diabetic. I’ve been wfpb for 4 years and feel great, but the kids think I’m a kook and I’m sure they will not listen to me.

  12. I’m seeing results with my son in days!!! It’s working and I haven’t eliminated fish or chicken. What I’ve done is reducing fat and high protein and increasing Whole Foods , quinoa, fruit and veggies.. I love it 😻

  13. These guys were fascinating to listen to. What a great conversation. So glad I tuned into this podcast.

    Got a laugh when Bobby mentioned that book "Natural Cures" by Kevin Trudeau. Back in the day I read the same book when I was searching every nook & cranny for answers.

  14. I have always thought medicine is purposely designed to treat symptoms only and never cure anyone of anything.
    I knew somehow someway my diagnosis of type 2 was going to have some conspiracy to it just for the fact that I heard a record number of people have been given this diagnosis. My Dr on nutrition has only said to me, eat smaller portions and I am not fat at all and never spoke to him about my portions ever. I was told by him hypoglycemia symptoms are nausea, headache, and almost died the first time I had an episode, having my long-acting insulin kick in, while in the parking lot of the grocery store.
    Good thing I had borrowed a car and that person came looking for me when I didnt show up after saying I was in the check-out line, then didnt answer my phone. This has been a real education.
    Thank you so much:)

  15. These guys are taking old studies and using them out of context.. they are not giving the full picture. Cyrus' auto immune diseases can be traced to a leaky gut and poor gut health. Notice he did not talk about his lifestyle habits prior to being diagnosed. Fat may inhibit insulin but it does not trigger the insulin. Carbs and sugars trigger the insulin. The worst case scenario is low fibre high sugar and fat which is the SAD diet. It is the combination of both high fat and high sugar that lead to type 2. This is what the vegan movement won't be honest about. You want to kick type 2, talk to Jason fung. Furthermore, lots of ex vegans are turning to fat and organ meats to reverse their leaky guts and auto immune disorders caused by their super high carb fibre vegan diets. They also regain healthy weight because they are able to absorb nutrients again once their guts heal. Fat is essential to life.

  16. Hello Dr Cyrus, if you have alopexia,…dupixent could probably help. Also thanks about your good tips for Diabetes. I had Fibromyalgie, took MSM, changed diet and healed myself. No Dr. belives me. E.Horvath

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