July 26, 2021


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The Teflon Don! Trump Beats Impeachment Sham AGAIN!

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36 thoughts on “The Teflon Don! Trump Beats Impeachment Sham AGAIN!

  1. Lets be honest if Biden did a speech and an attack on the Capitol happens would the Republican vote to impeach him if they could…the answer is yes Every Democrat voted to convict but NOT every Republican which makes the impeachment acquittal fake as fuck P.S. the SDNY got trump tax returns so let's what's really going on & if the sociopath can really run In 2024

  2. Legally a president can serve two terms or 10 years in office. So most likely Kamala Harris will take over 2 years in to Biden and presue the lengthy two extra terms which she believes she will obtain

  3. A scientist is suing the CDC … he requested a sample of Covid and they actually told him they didn’t have one! Since when does the CDC NOT have a sample of a virus or bug? He claims he took a number of positive Covid tests and ran his own tests on them and found NO Covid, only “Influenza A and Influenza B!” calling this the biggest hoax ever pulled on the citizens of the world. I’d add a link to his tweet but you’ll get in trouble for it! He calls himself “Count Red Walrus One Horse Pony Soldier!” on Twitter. I’m sure they’ve deleted by now.

  4. found innocent again and I'm just glad that the country can finally move on and we don't have to listen to the Democrats and the liberal media complaining about Donald Trump 24/7 anymore

  5. I agree with most things you say about the far left liberals and the liberal media. They are all very racist towards whites and men. They restrict the conversation based on identity which is very fucking racist and sexist imo. I'm against all forms of bigotry whether it's from the left or the right and I have to say, whenever you talk about blacks, arabs, latinos, indians, chinese, you're so fucking rude man. You might think it's just jokes, but really its something deeper. It demonstrates, at least to me, that you would prefer if America was fully white, which means you have this white supremacist mentality, even if you dont like to admit it mr Dice. That's the one thing I really hate about you. You don't even realise your own bigotry while at the same time your criticising the left for their bigotry towards people of your identity.

  6. Democrats are into "Bunker Mode" Impeachment no longer works, because the Media has lost its abilities to destroy Republicans. Without the Media the Democrats are in the same position as Hitler was in his Bunker.
    While in the Bunker, Hitler had no Army, Air Force, or any weapons. The Democrats not longer have a creditable News Media. Impeachment was just desperation.

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