July 26, 2021


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The Third World War is a war of ideas — and totalitarians are winning

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30 thoughts on “The Third World War is a war of ideas — and totalitarians are winning

  1. Telling people they cant say certain things is naive and self defeating.People that make laws against hatred are utter fools.
    Why not make laws against sadness?It makes about as much sense.

  2. "Hatred" is an emotional disposition like affection and cannot be governed by human officialdom.Speech is subject to human agency and is limited by laws against blasphemy, slander and falsehood.
    "Hate speech" is a modern construct that has no historical precedent and is a product of post modern meta- physical assumptions.

  3. Im a software engineering student and I HATE online teaching its terrible ! we are supposed to go to classes face to face the health strain is already enough from programming alone!

  4. No, the third world war is going to kick off in the middle east or along the LAC.

    Notice how not even Rebel is talking about what's going on between India and China? They're literally about to go to war. India sent more than 50 thousands troops to the border as well as even more tanks and APC's now.
    China has now begun to bolster their numbers along the LAC as well, Both sides armed with guns now, both violating the terms of the LAC.

  5. of course they are winning, at least 80% of Canada severely brainwashed by T.V or simply cowards thay had it good way to long and never had to fight for anything and never will because they are afraid to sacrifice anything in their perfect little lives.

  6. the plandemic vaccines and the mask are showing us one thing the weak minded and those not trustable,If they are willing to sell there bodies and children to an experimental vaccine without questions then you know nothing will stop theme from selling anything like there country friends ,family ,etc..

  7. The freedom lovers have not even started fighting yet, so of course the totalitarians are winning. When the free people start fighting back, the totalitarian blitzkrieg will lose momentum. Casualties are unfortunately unavoidable.

  8. We are Canadian,not communist,not Islamist,not Catholic, we must support each other and forget these stupid groups that are full of hate and censorship! Liberals love this crap because while we fight each other they sneak in and take more of our rights away. The liberals must go if we hope to survive as a somewhat democratic country!

  9. Are winning in the beginning; in the end they will lose. I lived in communism half of my life. They won in the beginning; they were winning for a long time; they seemingly demolished themselves for a respite…, and now they think they can (they think they can) win globally, but this time their fall will be global, sooner or later, and for good. The reset will take place, but in the humane way, for humanity.

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