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The Thunberg “side effect” – pollution issue

It’s great to see so many young people being aware of the existing environmental problems. A few days ago I read this interesting article.

When I read or hear things like that my mind starts ticking. Why is the MSM still labelling environmental problems as in climate change and not as a pollution issue?

It is true that around the globe the weather behaves strangely. But, this isn’t nothing new. Scientists collects all of sorts of data in order to predict earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, floods, etc. 

According to Mark Buchanan: “Experts have never been able to explain the causes of any of these disasters. Now scientists have discovered that these seemingly unrelated cataclysms, both natural and human, almost certainly all happen for one fundamental reason. More than that, there is not and never will be any way to predict them.”

So, if we put on a scale the pollution issue on one side and the climate change on the other, we can see clearly that the pollution issue is feasible rather the so called climate change is abstract and inconceivable. 

The term climate change can easily direct you to the wrong path. Some  people might argue that climate change stands for something else. Rather if you see any dictionary you can see with your own eyes that climate stand for weather. Therefore, weather change isn’t equal to contamination of the planet. Hence, to degradation of planet earth.

I call it pollution issue, no climate change. I personally see and smell a lot of pollution, but, the term climate change is underestimating the role of mother nature itself. In other words, our planet takes its course and nothing will stop it from reaching it. Whatever might be.

Ah, but people with this climate change stuff accelerate the conditions of planet earth and could trigger natural changes and disasters even faster than predicted. Big BS on that. Go and tell Bill Gates about it. The very person in collaboration with other multi-billionaires involved in the project SCoPex.

These are the very people who actually polluting and changing the nature of planet earth in a massive way. In other words, just follow the money and you’ll find what is underneath. From oil companies to Big Banks, global companies to big pharma. These entities and the people behind these entities are the very danger of planet earth and the human specie. It is not the so called climate change in existence since the beginning of time.  

According to science, the Pangaea existed around a hundred fifty million years ago. A super-continent. All the continents existing nowadays were as one. Changed shape many times. Tremendous volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes made the earth to split. Natural disasters played a huge role in the movement of animals and people. Some made it and some didn’t. Every living creature was trying to escape. Travelled by foot from continent to continent. Hard times to live back then.

Hans Berekoven, explain how humans migrated from one continent to another. And how environmental changes affected the formation of continents and humanity. On his website, he goes: 

”After more than 60 thousand years of the Ice Age, the great melt began in approximately ten thousand BC. By all accounts the melt was rapid. In fact, the Melt was a catastrophic event that nearly wiped mankind off the face of the earth.”

This is clear cut. Climate change always existed and will always be here amongst us. Humans need to be aware of the continuing struggles against the imperious obstacles of mother nature. Humans have to live with that – like it or no. But, the only thing humans shouldn’t live with is pollution. The pollution issue is a great threat to humanity and nature itself. Not to mention, factories and man-made pollution did not exist. So, what is the problem?

Go straight to the source and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The Guardian, in 2017, published an article listing the many companies responsible for 71% of global emissions. This should be a list for any “Green Fighter”. Each one of these hundred companies should look in the mirror and see the present and future dangers. And feel responsible for future generations to come.

Instead, the MSM propaganda machine points the finger right in people’s face. Who own the MSM wants to make you feel pity and responsible for the damage done to the planet so far. They want to make you feel guilty and they want to make you pay for it. Emotionally as well as financially. But, really, who owns the MSM outlets in general? Read this article to find out. 

Will the Thunberg effect become the global corporations worse nightmare? I see a “side effect” for global corporations. This should create enough momentum to shift the paradigm of a cleaner world. Focus the force on more alternative energy programs and finally tell the corrupted governments and the Oil companies to shut up and comply with that. 

Factories are there to produce things for people. People want things. It doesn’t matter what things as long as people have things around then everything will be fine. However, it seems the “plandemic” gave people something to think about. 

Humans built an enormous amount of industries over the last hundred fifty years. And created a vicious circle where is almost impossible to find a way out. It is like being stuck in a maze full of horrors and failures. People have to bear the fact that a car or other models of transportation are necessary. To move around and make a living. Everything we see or touch contains petroleum based materials. So, whatever we buy is petroleum. Hence, harmful to the planet. So, it doesn’t matter, whatever humans do will create a percentage of pollution, it is what it is.

Unless, humans decides to produce stuff with organic materials like hemp, bamboo, and cotton. But, will this be enough?  

Yet, things aren’t looking too discouraging. Tesla and other pioneers implemented “smarter and cleaner” technologies. The idea of changing the planet for a cleaner one is essential for a positive outlook. The hope for best practices and improve global solutions are there yet on a full scale. To protect, nurture and restore the natural resources of our planet is a must. The mantra is less pollution for future generations. The pollution issue is what Greta Thunberg and the young generation should promote and focus on.