February 26, 2021


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The Top 10 Financial Concerns in 2021!

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49 thoughts on “The Top 10 Financial Concerns in 2021!

  1. I hope you realize that Klaus Schwab is realising this with the help of all the DAVOS-visitors. Also all the banks have to collaps. That's why Trump have to go; destroy USD, and with that the capital market, and in Europe the ECB has to take over all the "normal" banks; wanna introduce new digital currency (follow up of the SDR) and than it's waiting on the World Bank to take over.

  2. Crop losses happening globally now. China importing "BROKEN RICE"! Grand solar minimum building up. Low solar activity leading to global cooling. China know all this as every dynasty collapse occurred during a grand solar minimum. This together with debt printing and the global reset is a perfect storm. #grandsolarminimum.

  3. The list will happen when the list happens. My concern, after the fall, would be loneliness and the dreaded thought of losing some scrabble tiles. Peace to you and yours. Love the wardrobe.

  4. Neil you are wrong about the lock down countries economy. Asian countries that locked down, many are now opening up their economies with tight controls on travel infections and infection pods. But the west has locked down and then went back to business as normal with the virus not being controlled. What kills a business is when they open up and no customers show up. It take 3 to 6 months of bleeding for the bankruptcy of those companies as these companies are open for business with full expenses that bleed their company away. Most of the baby boomers that are the richest, say well i have a 3 to 10% chance of dying with Covid so they stay home. My question does the people that want businesses to stay open (that have the most chance of a covid spread incubator) open and back to business normally and ignoring Covid which is maybe 10 to 20% of the population, have the financial force to keep these business alive by them selves? US is in most cases is free market and businesses are slowly going bankrupt. The anti maskers and people that want business as usual are destroying the economy and these businesses. As a society if we work to control covid we can do it with masks, social distancing, hygiene and safe practices and in some cases lockdown and restricted travel. When covid pods appear aggressive measures to combat will help save our economy. Many will not even wear a mask when in public groups. Because people in the west are not willing to realize that covid is real we may never control control covid. Right now it is controlling us. Look at New Zealand and Australasia they seem to have covid under control and have learned. I don;t think there is much hope for US / UK / much of Europe, Africa and South America. So to all the anti maskers, anti lock-down to control covid and anti vaccine people, you are creating your own reality for all of us, and yes it is your fault and the rest of us will just take the economic damage as they have large voices, mostly violent and basically this is the first time they feel they have any power and importance in their small lives. You may comment on travel as being a right, in many Asian countries right now travel is a privilege. So, pretty basic control covid and you have economy, you have freedom. Covid is the enemy!

  5. As has been said elsewhere it's a controlled demolition of the world economic system, the 'health' crisis is really just the excuse and the means to achieve this. Fiat currency to be replaced by CBDCs, no reserve currency just a basket of major currencies, programmable money to allow direct taxation, stimulus, positive and negative interest rates etc. The crisis allows many things, a final massive wealth transfer, destruction of sme allowing monopolies to develop, digital biometric IDs ( needed to make the CBDCs workable). According to Christine lagarde the digital Euro will take 2-3 years to develop, test and implement, so you're probably right in your analysis of how long until everything goes pop. It looks like we're going to be in this horrendous cycle for years to come….

  6. People trusting cryptos while the Tether scam grows in scale are in for a rude awakening. If you have never heard of this, please investigate it for yourself.
    Personally I'm not putting any money into cryptos until Tether dies off, i'm sticking with precious metals for now

  7. Neil, perhaps you ought to check your facts. You said the number of people who attacked the Capital of the United States was like 100. Really? So far the FBI has 300 charged. All you have to do is look at a photograph to see there were about 10,000 if not more. I take it personally when someone who lives in England takes it upon themselves to offer up their side of the facts regarding how events in the US unfolded and are being reported. Once again you are seldom right but never in doubt.

  8. Thank you for your work Neil you put the truth out there regardless of likes or followers
    And I finally got my wife to not follow meet Kevin. Dumb ass I'm glad he shaved his head!

  9. I dont know of a time when the national debt was actually paid down. It's always been increasing. Each year Interest is paid on the debt from income taxes, never is any paid towards the principal. Imagine the principle on your mortgage increasing every year where your payments only paid toward the interest. You would never get it paid off. Now imagine your children and then your grandchildren now have the mortgage, they too will never pay it off. It isn't ment to be paid off, never has been. In fact the debt is not supposed to be paid off because it would destroy the fiat system.

  10. A sheep spends its entire life fearing the wolves, only to be eaten by the shepherd in the end. And we accept our governments to be our shepherd. They destroying what people have worked for and its so sad to see. This is the great reset for sure using the pandemic to push it.

  11. Neil, I enjoy your videos very much but, with respect, there were several hundreds of people who stormed – not protested – but stormed the Capitol. Police there were almost lynched and how many protestors walk around inside with handfuls of plastic zip ties? This was domestic terrorism whipped up by the obese orange man baby. Having said all this, I do always look forward to your video postings here each week and find them very informative and thought provoking.

  12. There could be a “taper tantrum” later this year when the Fed indicates an end to QE and that will spook markets. Inflation could even rise later this year once the recovery takes place. Rampant inflation in 2022 could start the interest rate cycle upwards…

  13. Right now we have cattle people who've been told to kill their cattle and farmers to dig up their crops what? This is what they did in the Great Depression it was milk then poured out and Starving Children going hungry

  14. Why can't you talk about vaccines? it's the only way out of this and the only "issue" is dealing with the dickheads who say they won't take it because they read some nonsense on facebook – they are just selfish morons who will make it worse for all of us and end up killing more people. .

  15. Hi Neil I see the BIS have been given total immunity against prosecution or arrest at their new headquarters in London no one is allowed to enter the building why have the government done this and who is in charge of the BIS and how do they have so much power

  16. Concerning taxes, Biden is proposing that the estate tax take effect at $2M, which is not much these days. Also, that stepped up bases for assets inherited not be recognized; that the bases should be those that the decedent used. That would entail an accounting nightmare for some assets.

  17. We're in Ireland. We've been on continous lockdown since last March and are now at the highest, Level 5. Nobody can go more than 5km from home and it has to be for "essential" reasons. You can be arrested for not wearing a mask, for going over that 5km, or for having even ONE person in your home that isn't normally living there. The last time I was out anywhere we were at Level 3 (and we still couldn't leave our counties) but the towns I visited showed the effect of the lockdowns clearly. Businesses closed for good. Others with closing down sales. Many of those businesses have been in families for generations. People are actually committing suicide over this. The government promises financial help for those who cannot get to work or whose business has to close because it's "non essential" then tells them they'll be taxed on that aid!
    There's no coming back from any of this. And few of us can afford to invest in precious metals. Most of us can barely afford to eat in the face of food shortages and rising prices.

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