39 thoughts on “The TRUTH about bushfires in Australia”
  1. The reason for the fires is C l A R A Smart Cities, There's a Movie Made here in Australia called SCORCHED 2008 ( look up imdb, or my video about it). that movie was made in 2008 and is exact suitation as this year. predictable programming! The tenders close in March this year to start building these cities and they will be all linked by high speed rail. The gov has a incentive this year for First Home Buyers where they will only need 5% cash deposit to get a new smart home. As for Climate Change it's a Word a Scientist made up to cover up the Damage these HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC PROGRAMS AGIENST US ALL TO KILL US ( Geo-enginerring. That Scientist was Greta Thunburg's Grandfather ( that's why she said how dare you deny climate change, with a death star because she feels people are mocking her family.) Her name also hits the Human Subconsious by using Subliminal Messeging, so essicently her name is a Trigger word to set human's off over Climate Change, Greta =Real, Rate, Tear, Get,Ate, Eat , Great, Tag,& Margaret & then add Rhyming to those few and it's a mess to the mammal part of the Brain , Thornburg = Thorn, Hunt, Beg, Bet, Net, Hub, Get, Thorn ( humans are a thorn to the earth- or tptb), Thun is a City in Swizerland on the aar river near lake Thun, HER NAME IS – Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunburg , Eleonora is another word for Hel-uh n, Helin ,Helin=Helen whom was the veigergian Greek Godess, daughter of Zesus and Leda , when Helin was abducted by her husband the king of Sparta Menelaus/Men-l-ey-uh s , also he was also the brother of Agamemmon. There's a lot more to this name of hers. I won't boar you anymore as I don't think most will even bother to read this. your subconsius is being played with to keep you down so the body won't heal it's self, always stuck in the fight or flight mode and unable to send the energy/repairs to organs, blood to go to the necessary places , but it won't when stressed. Stress is a silent Killer , slowly day by day. Don't fall for the lies.

  2. The Greeny scum are the ones who prevent the controlled burning. They megaphone the annual fires in Australia mainly for a foreign audience who don't know any different (because they're not here), with the obvious goal of pushing the "climate change" fraud. This a worldwide phenomenon, they cherry-pick stories from all over the world to create an illusion of climate catastrophe. The only catastrophe will be when they succeed in legislating everything that produces CO2 because all human endeavour produces CO2 and that will be the end of freedom.

  3. I side with NASA and climate change is real when you think about it in the last billion years of this planet there has been no human interference except for the last 200 years, mining, oil, fossil fuels it's like being on roids without a cycle and no pct you will eventually die.

    It's like this imagine your house is the earth, close all your windows doors that lead outside and garage door, then turn on your car and leave it running, what will happen?
    and that is called global warming dumbed down.


  4. You make a lot of valid points mate, but to deny climate change , you might as well hide your head in the sand like the rest of you backass backwards Aussies. What about the fires in Canada, US, Brazil and Europe, were those set by arsonists as well. The science is real, the problem is as you stated the solution becomes politically motivated to score points instead of providing real answers.
    I live in Canada, and back in the 70's and 80's we had 'normal' winters with consistent snowfalls 1' to 3' max.. now in winter there's either barely any snow, or these occasional freakish storms blasting 6' dumps of snow at a time.

  5. Can you please explain how giving you money going to help us focus on the real cause of the fires?
    (Given that you’ve dedicated this video to denying the real cause of the fires)

    An honest and principled person wouldn’t be asking for money for themselves in times like these.

  6. This was done on purpose… not accidental… not random firebugs….. it was done just to create this problem, to create the " narrative " they wanted…. FEAR is the tool they have been using for years…. make the people afraid enough and you can do anything you want…… so are you pussies or men ? Stop letting them use fear as a tool….

  7. The ending of this video where you accuse the bushfire victims of being 'politically motivated' and then accusing them of hypocrisy 'when they chase out the most powerful man in the country' is probably the stupidest thing that I've ever heard, to the point where it I think it should be taught in schools in order to educate students into understanding what the concept of 'gaslighting' is. Un-fucking-believable.

  8. How about as a part solution, get all the climate change believers(including all the high profile rich ones) and as per their demands for immediate action imlement the following – Turn off all their access to power in homes, apartments and mansions, – Take away all their cars and give them push bikes (made from bamboo of course), – Stop them from travelling on planes or ships. Because isn't this their solution? This would be the start they want, they can lead the way, show the rest of us how effective this will be, RIGHT! This would be far more action than yelling at other people! Now some may say that surely they can use solar, BUT, solar devices to date, all produce more CO2 to manufacture than they will save in their lifetime of usage, so thats a big no to solar! All these people should jump at the chance because this is what they are demanding, RIGHT. I can imagine all the rich one's will be the first in line to hand over all their petrol guzzling cars, planes, hellicopters and motorcycles. They can also give up their lavish mansions many have recently purchased on the coasts around the world, since rising sea levels make them worthless. True devotees to their cause! Keep up the good work.

  9. A single small eruption from a volcano does more damage to the environment and the CO2 than us humans, for a year.

    It is not climate change causing the bush fires It is more the CO2 from the bush fires themselves. For biology students here, what loves CO2? Plants…….

    The volcano eruption just in the last week in the Phillippines has put more bad stuff into the atmosphere than what humanity has the previous year.

    Climate change may mean climate re-balancing……..parts of Antartica are under 1 mile if ice. If 1 mile of ice is normal and natural for you………yet then how come there is the Piri Reis Map from Turkey which shows part of the Antartic coast before ice?

    Before we really start blaming, go back and study the past, not 50 yrs, not 500 yrs, not even 5000 yrs. Go way back like 500 000 yrs ago.

  10. This is the work of 30 years of Marxist infiltration into all Australian governments. I for one don't believe the Antifa and Green arsonists who started these fires have done this country a disservice. The bush had to burn sooner or later and this is what happens when you leave it 30 years. Better it burns now than in another 10 years. These Marxists should go and burn ALL government owned property. If nothing else positive it'll rid the bush, temporarily, of weeds and feral animals that the Greens also protect. The Greens – the worst enemies the bush could have.

  11. Here are deniers looking for someone to blame as there argument burns to the ground unfortunately along with Australia. The greens and environmentalist have been fighting the climate wars for decades with regards to inaction on climate and here we have deniers trying to blame the people who have been warning them. A government heavily polluted with climate deniers in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry who cut over a hundred million dollars from fire services and National parks could shoulder most of the blame. If deniers looking for someone to blame all they to do is get a mirror and take a long hard look denaial being a part of the problem denial $$$$$$$ ??????

  12. Australian right wing and their victim narrative. Keep on harping about India but here's the reality:
    Global emissions in 2017
    China – 27%
    US – 15%
    EU – 9.8%
    India – 6.8%
    Australia (for reference) – 1%

    Historic Emissions (since 1751)
    US – 25%
    EU – 22%
    China – 12.7%
    Russia – 6%
    Japan – 4%
    India – 3%
    Australia (for reference) – 1.1%

  13. Whether you let a tree rot or You burn it , it will Release100% the same amount of CO2 so by not burning a tree and its leaves you don’t save the environment you don’t reduce CO2 that’s a joke it’s a lie it’s scientifically impossible because a tree is a CO2 sink . Weather rots or burns it releases the same amount of CO2 so burn it and get it over with.

  14. Thank the Green party for not allowing back burning to be done… they are the true criminals that should be brought to justice…. Green in the outside, red on the inside.

  15. And no one has been held accountable. What happened to those who were arrested? Released no doubt, never to face Justice or to testify who organized this betrayal. Wise up people, we all are being assailed by leftist. Stand and fight or be a slave to fools.

  16. So well said Avi, i agree completely, it was actually the Greens that stop the management of the parks and Wildlife, and burn back and control mechanism in place. So to all the Greens out there wake up and smell the coffee you have no idea what it takes to manage our land, and really your telling the aboriginal community whom for thousands of years did burn back.

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