March 5, 2021


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The Truth About PCR Tests

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41 thoughts on “The Truth About PCR Tests

  1. I find this video highly problematic.
    As a lab scientist working in a busy London biochemistry lab I am not sure this video helps in any way. Although I am a BMS in specialising in biochemistry, my background is in medical genetics, so I am familiar with PCR and it's limitations and don't dispute the concerns raised in this piece, but I do question the way this has been done.
    To simply raise questions over the validity of the tests without having the supportive data to say exactly where the protocols are going wrong and how one may rectify this issues, as well as raising these concern in the public domain is concerning. In biomedical science we have long had systems in place to critique our colleagues and our community, but we should always strive to make it evidence based. To clarify, it is not enough to suggest that we may be overestimating the number of active covid cases because the PCR tests may not be specific enough or too sensitive, we need to show this with evidence by doing the virus isolation you mentioned, getting the correct sequences (from multiple labs) and then testing the PCR protocols to evaluate their validity, only then are you armed with useful information that can be raised in the public domain.

    My second issue is timing. I am aware that in New Zealand you don't have the problems we are currently experiencing in the UK. Our hospitals are full, our ITU/ICU units are full, we are having to create new wards to cope with the share volumes of sick people, obviously this is not just covid and suspected covid cases. My question to you is, how do you think this video reduces the spread of covid and helps our health service get back on track? The time to raise these concerns was last year, either before the pandemic began (Jan and Feb) or after the first wave (Jun- Sept) , when PCR protocols could have been revised or eliminated.

    There will be inquests and investigations looking into how this crisis has been handled, and certainly plenty criticism for the scientific community, health authorities and politicians, I just wonder what the purpose of this video is exactly.

  2. So, what you're saying is there's a ton of positive tests that actually are negative? Or that they are lying over even being able to tell so are making up the numbers?

  3. Kary just to let you know I was bullied, frightened and threatened with my job. I took a test and I know the test has made me feel unwell. My symptoms are = numb nose,face,sickness, loss of appetite, shaking and body aches. I will never take another test. I'm a healthy person and eat well, I know my body very well and I believe this happened via something in that test. FACT. Thank you for your knowledge ❤👍

  4. UK PCR Ct run up to 45 cycles – Ct > 35 and < 40 considered a +ve result.
    Fauci says Ct > 35 "not replication competent"

    References and links supplied on request.

  5. In september here in NL (and imo everywhere) they reduced the primers to 1 and upped CT to 35 or even 40.
    According to experts on pcr this is totally wrong. (Peter Borger NL e.o.)
    Standard pcr does not exceed 30 maximum, bc over that you get a load of false positives. And that is precisely what we are heaving now, yet they all count to 'increased infection'
    It may not even be covid, but just the cold, from either corona or rhino and the worser cases, the flu. They have similar symptoms

    Either was, there is hardly any increased death anywhere for entire last year, which means there is no pandemic and no need for measures. Or vaccines.

  6. Thanks Sam, another great video.

    Just a thought for your viewers, why do they shove the bud so far up the nasal cavity, if the virus is so contagious and we need to keep a 1.5 m distance from each other, that would say it's pretty much on the tip of your tongue easily spread by a stray bit of spittle of a sneeze .
    A simple dab on the inside of you mouth or nose would collect a sample… right?
    so what is it testing?
    or are they putting something in….??

  7. Thank you so much for the most perfect analysis of the use of the PCR test that I have seen. May I please ask you to activate the translated subtitle function in YouTube for Spanish? (How-to videos are available on YouTube.) In the meantime, we await Eurosurveillance's reply to the request (now 2 months old) for retraction of the Corman-Drosten PCR Paper that began this whole extraordinary travesty of science.

  8. Astounding quality work of the highest standard. The world owes Dr Sam, (and the far too few medical professionals about the world supporting her stance), a debt of gratitude. Show that gratitude. Pass links on to this work to every contact you have. Disregard their intransigence. This is far too important to worry about offending the hard of thinking. Spread the word. It’s the least you can do. The ‘more’ you can do is make donations to these ‘oh so few’ stars of our shameful modern times. Put a small amount their way. An amount you can pass on without consequence. And do it. Not just DrSam but a little here there and everywhere. Pay a little coin towards those who are fighting for your freedom. Or do it yourself. One or the other. 👍

  9. So fake infection numbers ,wildly inaccurate cause of death statistics ,data acquisition flaws abound the biggest scamdemic in history and yet sarscov2 was classified and positively identified along with symptomatic profiles in 2014 by the W.H.O. this is all the website…How do we escalate this whole mess to a level of a public enquiry it’s the common man against global elites ,world economic forum,WHO,IMF, banksters on and on.So the great reset and new world order has begun I am so looking forward to owning nothing and becoming happier ..Big Thanks Doctor for your honesty 😢😢🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Dr.Sam, I don’t understand why the virus must be isolated in order to develop appropriate primers for the PCR test? The sequence of the genome was published on NCBI and primers can be developed and blasted against a ton of microorganisms also on NCBI genome database. This of course does not mean the primers will be specific in the sample, but this can be tested in the lab if you have a sample of cells infected with the virus and cells without the virus. One should only get a positive for the former. I understand your point though about the complexity of patient samples which can not be addressed in the lab, and how easy it is to get a positive with PCR (I’m a biochemist and use RT-qPCR routinely to measure mRNA levels in bacteria). I’ve just heard the virus isolation argument a few times and don’t quite understand why isolating and purifying the virus is necessary. Thanks!

  11. Dr Sam Baily This is a good vidio about PCR testing. I have a Question is…. Dose New Zealand do PCR testing Now ….. why i'm asking this is if they are on a large scale or even on a small scale and the results are that there are no positive results that means your theory is not true because if you are correct and the test is faulty then we would see in New Zealand a percentage of positive even Though they have no cases of Covid 19 ….. what do you think of my theory

  12. Dr. Bailey, please forward this information to Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer the lawyers who are leading the legal case against the PCR Test fraud as a "Crime against Humanity"!
    They are collecting all of the relevant information that they need for their case to save humanity from this atrocity!

    Though it is a German organisation they are fluent in English.

  13. The real loss is Mullis passing away this wouldn't have happened if he were still alive. He called out the HIV scam as well, even calling out the con man Faucci. Such a great loss.

  14. Very pleased to see you looking at the science and highlighting the potential financial & political conflicts of interest. Time for you re re-evaluate your position with regards to Statins. See the work of Dr Malcolm Kendrick and David Diamond.

  15. Thanks for this clear description of PCR & what Kary Mullins said since the videos of him saying it seem to have disappeared from YouTube. Don`t mention Ivermectin, you might get censored.

  16. DR Sam, it's a PSYOP program by the DEEP STATE and BIG PSYRAMA of a bug that they designed to thin the heard, and that's why we have all this resistance to open forum, just fallow the money.

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