March 4, 2021


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THE TRUTH About the Freedom Dividend and Other Free Stuff – Mike Maloney

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27 thoughts on “THE TRUTH About the Freedom Dividend and Other Free Stuff – Mike Maloney

  1. "Truth about Freedom Dividend"
    Doesn't even mention the Freedom Dividend one time

    This man does not understand the nuanced nature economics, let alone be qualified to speak on the implications of the Freedom Dividend.

    Capitalism and Socialism are not black and white like he presents them to be. Its not
    cApITalIsTGoOd/SoCiAlIsT BaD

    Any publically funded service, including law enforcement, road maintenance, the fire department, the postal service, court systems, SCHOOLS, the Military, are ALL SOCIALIST BY VIRTUE OF BEING PUBLICALLY FUNDED.

    Society would NOT be better off if these services were privatized, nor is it even feasible, yet many of these services are INTEGRAL to society.

    The Freedom Dividend will be a VASTLY beneficial public service to millions of struggling Americans while simultaneously invigorating the economy.

  2. For many years, I was content with doing protest votes, like writing in Ron Paul for President. … But, since 2016, I'm considering not voting at all, not even doing protest votes, because I am so disgusted with the corrupt system. Why lend it the semblance of legitimacy by participating in what are essentially sham elections between idiots, who don't have a clue, and lying scumbags, who know exactly what they are doing? … Unless and until, I find a candidate, or candidates (like Ron Paul, Harry Browne, Howard Phillips, Irwin Schiff, etc.), who demonstrate to me that they know what the U.S. Constitution says and means and have every intention of following the letter and the spirit of that "supreme Law of the Land," I may very well just boycott the sham called an "election."

  3. Not only the government reduce choices and increase the intermediary for Gods and service literally killing competition
    But they also become a liability reducing in the long run productivity, providing lower salary in comparatively of the private counterparts .
    The only really efficient government workers are the military

  4. I would love for some numbers on the input/output ratio from tax collection to end product. I’ve found a few articles about public vs private efficiencies but their starting point is where the money is getting to the final service (wAter, health care, garbage collection) and ignores everything from tax collection up to that point. Perhaps an overall tax collected compared to overall cost of government with the final service factored out (ignoring the efficiency comparisons of the final services) would be helpful. Anyone have links to anything like this? Or maybe Mike …that would be a great video, if you have time. It may help me win an argument lol

  5. The government may be inefficient, but the idea that we could have the same/better living standards without it is debatable. How much exactly are you advocating we cut? The EPA? All social welfare programs? How would we prevent companies from making our country look like China and stop the pharmaceutical industry from screwing us because of inelastic demand? Should people that can't afford food or medicine just die? What about post-secondary institutions that purposefully choose not to increase the amount of student capacity because it would make more sense to just triple the price for the existing amount of seats? And don't you dare say competition, because it clearly isn't working.

  6. Go live in afganistan. They have way less bureaucracy and they are doing much better than us. Stupid analysis. China has much more bureaucracy and they are doing much better economically (not speaking about human rights). Btw these people that take money from the government are people around you that put back their paychecks into the economy. It's not just a stupid green arrow that grows smaller. I like mike but am very disappointed with a childish simplification

  7. Gold bugs have no clue about economics. They're stuck in the past. The gold standard was short-lived and it didn't work. The run around like chicken little screaming we can't afford pensions, Medicare, social programs cuz we're broke and in debt! Debt to GDP was higher than it is today after the war plus the government spent an additional 1 trillion dollars and Japan has had three times the debt of the US for the last 30 or 40 years and there's no hyperinflation.

  8. i basically just vote for the party that i think will be the smallest government, cause government sucks at everything and i want the least amount of sucking (metaphorically speaking).

  9. This is the old confusion with the word free and its duel meanings: gratis vs libra.
    The government is supposed to guarantee our libra that is our God given natural rights such as life, liberty and property.
    Not to give us gratis goodies like Santa Claus. Because it can't. To give us 90$ worth of value we need to first give it 100$ and that is if its overhead is only 10% and it is fully tax financed, both of which are like a spherical chicken in a vacuum.

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