October 23, 2021


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The Truth About What Took Biden Down (comedian K-von finds rare footage)

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37 thoughts on “The Truth About What Took Biden Down (comedian K-von finds rare footage)

  1. Maybe one of those mini-strokes he realized he shouldn't have F'D with Putin. I'm a 48 year old American. Grew up in the Cold War. If you can have peace with people wielding millions of mega-tons, it might be worth the effort. Thanks Joey. Dumbass!

  2. My mom thought Trump could do no right. She now things Biden can do no wrong. I'm going to mention "the trip" and see if she says "it was the wind"… lol! I love her but she's blinded.

  3. Its just "karma" for Ol' Joe! He made fun of Trump using caution goin down a ramp without a hand rail!
    Hell, Joe cant help getting outta the shower, in the buff, playing with his dog & trippin, breaking a bone in his foot!
    Its pathetic how the media speculates on Trump's health & physical stability, but its crickets when the House Plant 'n Chief be trippin ALL OVER THE PLACE!
    we see what you POSs are doin there CNN……

  4. And the media said, the stairs where so slippery, they cover up again that Biden. How you can slip from the stairs if there is a carpet on the stairs. I'm from the Netherlands, I will say to you America is going down under with this Biden administration, it become a Banana Republic with far left activist Democrats. They do everything the stay in power is it not going well arranged than should do it badly.

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