April 10, 2021


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The Truth Behind The 2021 UK Budget

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The 2021 UK Budget

  1. To Answer your question, my point is not about taking someone’s job , it’s about free courses , when there are thousands of young people stuck with increasing debt loans , there not getting any help ,

  2. 32% without jobs is worse than The Great Depression! UK ONS (Oct-Dec 2020) 5.1% Unemployed + 20.9% Economically Inactive (not qualifying) + 7.2% on Out of Work Benefits (furlough) = 33.2% without jobs!

  3. I'm afraid I see a slump on the horizon, Neil – with the economy only then being boosted artificially in 2023 with further fiscal stimuli just before the 2024 General Election…totally politically motivated and not built on sound well-reasoned economics…Remember the disastrous UK housing market back in the 1990's….and the dreaded negative equity fallout…..

  4. The way to freedom is to realise you are a CORPORATION. The crime is the illegal conversion of your SURNAME used on all Government Identification issued to you.Its their identification for you it’s not your identification but you claim it.

  5. Bail-in's, mass bankruptcies, hyper inflation, deflation, stagflation, political & corporate corruption, totalitarian agenda's, devaluing (destruction of wealth) of currency…..oh yeah, I feel so confident for the years ahead.

  6. Like you say the figures eventually become irrelevant the truth of the matter is the debt will never ever be paid off/back. Only a reset will resolve the problem they've created, it's a cracking example of problem reaction solution, isn't it ironic that the people that are doing this are and will be completely unaccountable for their actions they won't lose money or their jobs, it makes my piss boil that most people cannot see what is really going on here, they lie to us on a daily basis to brainwash in to thinking its out fault and they are helping. But it's a problem they created and are constantly sabotaging so it doesn't get fixed.

  7. Furlough is the precursor, setting a standard, for the Universal National Basic Income package. They want people used to not working and picking up a pittance to survive. They're introducing permanent purgatory.

  8. I don't think we will have to pay it back I think it will be written off as we are fully indebted to the global reset. This is exactly how they will bring us completely under their control.

  9. No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government's innervation on Economy growth,

    No 2: As An Individual Look For Different Self Business And Trade Not Only Waiting on Betterment of Stock market activities,

    No 3: Most Important Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital.

    Because Government Have Failed Us In Aspect Of Economics Activities And Other Trading Systems

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