October 23, 2021


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THE TRUTH WAITS FOR NO-ONE (read description)

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48 thoughts on “THE TRUTH WAITS FOR NO-ONE (read description)

  1. corporate interests are behind these panics …. for the ignorant and naive people everything that sounds unbelievable is a conspiracy theory

  2. Deceivers are deluded people who have, at some point, willingly believed a convenient or fashionable lie. To become a deceiver, you must first knowingly deceive yourself. Naomi, your enemies are merely self-deceived fools, just the useful idiots for a globalist totalitarian agenda. Creeping totalitarianism is also well described as "boiling frog syndrome", also known as "the long march through the institutions", the path to "socialist utopia" which is recommended by villains like Gramsci and implemented by villains like the EU government, UN and other globalist organisations, Soros-funded groups, Gates Foundation, IMF, World Bank, enviro-psycho groups and other NGO's, etc.

    When people do not have a valid argument, they have not a leg to stand on, so out of irrational fear they attack, like a screaming child who's mother refuses to give him candy. The undisciplined brat then throws himself upon the floor and has a full-blown, fist-thumping tantrum. When you speak to such people, they plug their ears and yell loudly to block you out, whether literally or metaphorically because, due to their "moral relativism", they think that the truth is whatever they want it to be and they cannot tolerate hearing something that disagrees with their delusion. This is a product of the "new age" anti-Christian world view that has taken hold of a large swathe of humanity over the past 150 years. It is borne of the original lie that "you, too, can be as God."

  3. II feel really sorry for those who have clicked dislikes. They are so lost in their own stupidity that they can't see past their noses.

    Naomi, you are gifted: you are able to put into coherent messages words that most of us can only mumble in rage. You are wiser than most of us. Stay honest and you cannot do wrong. Your parents must be very proud of you!

  4. I think you're going to be disillusioned with Stefan Moleynoux in the future. He's so dishonest and creepy – his video series on Ayn Rand completely distorted the facts. His views on the inferiority of the so called "black race" and superiority of the "white race" are also not based on facts, but distorted statistics used as rationalizations for his hate.

  5. At 11:16: Because the real virus is totalitarianism. SARS-CoV-2 is just how it spreads. ~ Stefan Molyneux

    In 2015 there was a temporary moratorium (delay) on fiddling with these bioweapons, these pathogens, in laboratories in America. Anthony Fauci then sent 3,7 million dollars to Wuhan, China, to continue research on SARS 2.0.
    SARS 2.0 was created in a laboratory at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in 2015 (protein enhanced SHC014) under the leadership of Dr. Ralph Baric. This coronavirus shares human cell binding site with HIV and Ebola, which suggest the virus is manmade (synthetic).
    (Bill Gates and Fauci have been quite silent the latest days, when I'm writing this it is the ninth of June 2020.)

  6. Don't let them get you Naomi. Believe what you believe, that is the freedom of speech The personal attacks are what the losers are doing when they have no more thing to argue

  7. Going up against the globalists is not going to bring a solution to mankind's problems. Try a different tack. You need to identify Org.1 and side with it, or be by default part of
    Org .2 the same side your opponents identify with. Your real enemy is someone you cannot see, and your opponents are just puppets of that one. However kudos for your

  8. I don't want to be patronising but dear girl, you're young, intelligent, and as you said, you're resilient. You're also fair, kind, and an independent thinker. Fight the good fight while you can but never forfeit good food, nutrition and a good night's sleep. May Almighty God bless you.

  9. Thank you Naomi for standing up for my freedom and for all the work you do, and the tremendous attitude and courage you display. You really are a wonderful inspiration for others.

  10. So eine starke, intelligente junge Frau! Und lass dir nichts einreden Naomi, für mich bist du hübsch dazu! ? Wir bräuchten mehr junge Frauen deiner Sorte und das nicht nur in Deutschland! Mach weiter so!

  11. You are so beautiful inside and out. So much knowledge in such a young person just amazing. Keep it up everything you say is supported by real
    Independent science. Thanks for doing this you give us hope for a great future

  12. You are not alone Naomi, you’ll never be alone in this battle for truth. The so many silent amount us are gaining our voices because of you using yours. you speak for the silent majority and we will always be there for you.

  13. You are a star to people who want freedom and truth to be out there… And by the way you are kind, intelligent and beautiful… focus on what's important and focus on those that stand by you.

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