October 17, 2021


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The Untold Truth About Building Wealth

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48 thoughts on “The Untold Truth About Building Wealth

  1. Few years ago I had a job…. perfect attendance, above and beyond, always helping others, etc etc and my boss told me I can't be promoted because of my English!!! 😳🥺 now I'm an entrepreneur at PHP, I dont receive that bullying anymore 🙌👍😃

  2. There's a massive lesson here not even 5 minutes into the video.

    It takes a huge courage, callousing of the mind, and discipline, to hear someone make a ethnic joke about you, and your inner response to be "I don't care what anyone says about me, I'm here to get shit done and nothing will get in my way". Patrick then goes on to say "stop being so sensitive".

    That's a fuckin' man. Huge brass balls. That's someone to admire.

  3. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated while they both can get the virus, spread the virus, die from the virus etc but one has privileges' and one doesn't .. propaganda and gaslighting lol

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  6. Man, am I shocked, I really looked up to Patrick but I heard something from him that really shocked me. He was talking about his life and his hardships when I heard him say I was born in Iran and if you all know that's where the people that did 911 come from. I am an Iranian American and proud of it and I would defend the USA till my last drop of blood . Having said that, I was born in Iran and proud of it too.
    This goes out to patrick: Dude check your facts before you say something sensitive like that.
    Number 1:::::911 was carried out by Saudi nationals. Number 2:::: Iran was the second country after United States that held the biggest candle light vigil to show their support and solidarity. Number 3:::: Iran had nothing to do with 911 and that is a fact. Other than this Patrick is a awesome person and I have lots of respect for him. He has contributed much positive to my life. Thank you brother, Just one request ,, check your facts or think about the damage a sentence can have.
    You have said it your self , Words are powerful.
    God bless

  7. 4am and holy fuck did I need to hear this. In such a weird & underlying way did I just preach this ( then thought to myself ) how & why did I preach this, especially when I’m still figuring it all out myself. Then this just made so much sense, I just think In crazy ways and talk & act smart then sometimes I find myself doing the exact opposite. The easiest things in life are always so over looked & not taken seriously long enough. Mindset is everything & I’m continuing to try and make this all a reality and live it…
    Im just glad I can hear someone truly speak it to make me not feel so alone… 💯

  8. I saw this dude on Rogan, but what is this shit?? Lol! This is like a fucking seminar. A secular church service. Did I click the wrong link because I sincerely doubt that Rogan is sitting around watching this shit.

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  10. How much money was printed during the pandemic? Why did the rich get richer? and the poor get poorer?

    Well it's simple you choose to stay poor while there are TONS of opportunities to become wealthy. But you are too lazy to take this opportunity. People nowadays spend way too much time on entertainment, instead of educating themselves. Spend hours on tiktok and all other rubbish, and not even able to read a book or watch a good mindset video. Or study a market.

    If you are still stuck with a 9-5 job, its your OWN fault! You limit yourself with your fixed mindset and are not brave enough to stand up for yourself and admit that you are a slave to the system. You are their Passive income and you are happy with that. You are voluntarily give your freedom and your skills up for something less.

    You are worth more than they are telling you on schools!
    Do not settle for less!
    People wake up!

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