July 26, 2021


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The US Economy is About to Crash Hard – The Wall Street Crash | Between 2 Wars | 1929 Part 1 of 3

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30 thoughts on “The US Economy is About to Crash Hard – The Wall Street Crash | Between 2 Wars | 1929 Part 1 of 3

  1. Now… ladies and gents – this is not a video about 2019 and we are not making any political statements. We know that some of you love making parallels between the present day and historical events. Although we can learn from history, try to remember that the circumstances were very different. Others among you feel it appropriate to extend partisan conflicts backwards and make out our videos, or events in the videos as partisan statements or issues. First of all we simply don't do that, we just relate the events and the circumstances as factually as possible with the best possible sources. Second of all it is pointless to look for the 2019 partisan left/right divide according to party lines in events that happened 90 years ago. There's just no comparison as both reality, and political parties have gone through so much change that the members of the same party, from today and then would probably disagree so vehemently on so many points the they would not even understand each other. So please, try your best to not go off on partisan rants, as it distracts form the actual historical issues at hand, and do respect our rules:

    STAY CIVIL AND POLITE we will delete any comments with personal insults, or attacks.
    AVOID PARTISAN POLITICS AS FAR AS YOU CAN we reserve the right to cut off vitriolic debates.
    HATE SPEECH IN ANY DIRECTION will lead to a ban.
    RACISM, XENOPHOBIA, OR SLAMMING OF MINORITIES will lead to an immediate ban.

  2. Before this video, I've watched some documentaries and read some books about the 1929 Crash.
    After this video, I still don't understand what the hell happened.

  3. Too bad, we didn't learn from our mistakes we are heading for another crash one that will make the G.D. look like a picnic. And we are heading for some more wars in the near future.

  4. Honestly I can't believe I just found this channel, this is frikking amazing. Signed up for patreon immediately, you are doing insanely good work.

  5. That's an imperial Russian stove/radiator behind him. I saw several of them in St. Petersburg. They had no openings into the room so it didn't get smoky. Servants tended the fires from the adjoining service corridors.

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