February 28, 2021


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  1. Because of globalist focus womens virtue is not available as much as the broken ones on street bringing down worth of women. Let's teach your women how to be woman who are desired because of their moral value

  2. I wasn't born again to the glory of Christ until it was pretty much too late for me to have children. 🙁

    But I know the Lord is sovereign, and everything happens at precisely the right time and exactly when it's supposed to. Having said that, now my husband and I make our home a safe place for neighborhood kids (we watch out for them when we see them out and about), and a sanctuary of sorts for the various woodland critters that make their homes in our suburban area.

    The point here, I guess, is we serve however we're able to, and in whatever way the Lord makes possible.

    Don't worry, everyone, God sees everything and will never abandon us. Be strong and faithful, and follow the example of Christ to the best of your capability. What is right and just always wins in the end.

  3. The war of the Evil One against the Lord is his war against the family, and the war of the Evil One against the family is the core of his war against the Lord. Because the family is the image of God, from the beginning of the creation of this universe, The Evil one is focusing on destroying the family, the foundation of God’s plan."
    – St. Charbel

  4. First wave feminism started in 1848 with the declaration of sentiments that started the suffragette movement, the second came in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the third in the 90’s and early 2000’s…..now we have fourth wave a totally radicalized aberration, most folks are not even aware of the fact that “feminism” started in 1848, they only think that feminism was born out of the hippy movement and started counting the “waves” from there

  5. Over half way through the video and barely a mention of how adversely affected in our current society.
    Sorry Brittany “teachers” are the MAIN DISSEMINATORS disseminating the perverted ideologies that are corrupting our society

  6. The new migration issue is also to BREED OUT THE WHITE PEOPLE !
    There is also the fact that they have been feeding us their Frankenfood for decades which has also partly had the effect of reducing male testosterone as well as creating all sorts of “dis-eases”

  7. We must all remember that the people that run ,,, or think they run things ,,, are just humans that wake up in the morning and go and sit on the John … Therefore they are subject to the same corruptions ,,, weaknesses and other frailnesses as the rest of us … I'm remeinded of a fantastic line from the movie " All the Presidents Men" ,,, Hal Holbrook ,,, playing " Deep Throat" says to Robert Redford ,,, " You are under the mistaken impression that just because there's a bunch of guys in the White House they must be smart … The truth is that there's a bunch of guys in the White house that aren't that bright " … We must Always remeber the saying " history repeats itself " … Since written history began we regularly see people insisting on being our absolute leaders whether we like it or not … This was done ,,, or accomplished through religion and force … But through time the availability of information has lead us to question the ability and the right of such people to make our decisions for us … But those people are still around and still looking to run everything whether we want them to or not … I would remind you that Hitler was never voted into office … At this point I would also inform anyone who has never heard Ceasars' most importante words to his officers and future governers ,,, which was not the famous " I came ,,, I saw ,,, I conquered " but the much less known instruction ,,, " Divide and conquer " … The people in question want SLAVES only they can't call them slaves … They want people are that easy to work with and will do what ever they are told … This must be done by limiting education ,,, but they can't say it … A person with say grade 7 education is perfectly capable of doing just about anything the society needs from a worker at least 75% of the time and the events over the last 6 decades point directly at educated people as being harder to con and rob… The answer to the problem becomes obvious ,,, destroy the public school system … How ???,,, 1st break up the Family ,,, then stretch the material taught in the schools out to take twice as long as it should getting students occupied doing useless things in school like spray painting the place or texting everyone on the entire planet ,,, worrying more about their brand of tennis shoe than their marks in school ,,, feeding them psycotropic drugs ,,, and finally shoving gays at them by force … this of course is emptying out the public school system because those students that have both parentes are being removed and put in private schools … And so now the stage is set ,,, right ??? ,,, oops we forgot about robots …

  8. 22 mins. Not entirely true. Dont start bashing bachelors and the childless. Many of the greatest men who ever lived were childless/never married…. issac newton/nikola tesla….heck even jesus christ among others etc…

  9. I love women like you not because you are perfect, but because you are so human. Preserve that fire, and let it shine, all the time, let it shine! You are awesome!

  10. It makes it even harder for females who have bipolar or are born with medical and mental problems. I myself just want to be isolated from other people cause I have a hard time trusting people I have been treated poorly by people and when I was younger I was exspecially treated different from teachers kids mental health providers that are supposed to help but they don't and just talk down to us I get looks of disgust just because of the way I look or people just talk to me like I'm stupid and think that I can't or don't understand them. Dr's are supposed to help people but the dr's can't help me most of the time just cause they don't know what's causeing my problems and it makes it harder when I have 18qminus and people don't understand what it is and in all reallity theres not much we do know about it and it's rare which is even harder for me to find someone to love cause men like to have there woman look and act a certain way when I just want to be me or they just want to use me and then discard me like trash when all I want is to be treated like I'm human and and I don't want to be misunderstood anymore and it's hard for people like me to get the things we need to be healthy and happy. But in the end of the day I just want people to be happy smile have commpassion and come together and love one another not put each other down and not to hate each other anymore but to love and share love. I apologize that this is long but You just made feel like I needed to share about of my story with you I just started watching you but you have inspired me and I think you are doing a great job talking about these things people need to know keep up the great work and I hope you have a nice day

  11. I cant find a traditional woman to save my life. My girlfriend now is a millennial and it shows. I cant marry her or start a family. I have to treat her like a child I'd like to have. Gotta make sure she cleans up after herself, make sure she looks after her dogs. I do laundry and cook and clean. She's on the couch on Facebook almost 100% of the time she's not at work

  12. Look at the significance of Birth (Berth) Certificates, Social Security Numbers and the Fed ( CB). Maritime and Admiralty Law. Incorporation of the United States of America. It is all connected. Free your Mind.WWG1! WGA.

  13. The answer is a war against GOD and Satan knows how he can hurt GOD , by turning GOD's own creation against Creator.
    It is in schools program to turn children against their own parents. What is above it is below. SIMPLE and only stubborn, evil, godless people do not want to see that and proudly they go with Satan program , fulfilling his plan which is going to fail anyway for very simple reason Creator is not under creation level. Creator is the one who makes decisions not creation.

  14. Feminism is a Cultural Marxist weapon. It is one of many weapons used against the west.

    The Marxists failed to gain power by a violent widespread worker revolution in European democracies which led them to develop Cultural Marxism.
    In the 1930s a group of Marxists left Europe for the USA and created The Frankfurt school (Jewish Marxists) that reworked traditional Marxism into Cultural Marxist theory which centred around the infiltration of institutions and the destruction of traditional family culture in free nations. They decided to use the narrative that "all minorities in the White democracies are oppressed". This speak would eventually destroy the existing culture. Minorities are to be seen as never bad and can never be challenged. Islam is minority in western nations so can not be seen as oppressive to women. This is why feminists never challenge Islam over women's rights. Men oppress women, Whites oppress Blacks, heterosexuals oppress homosexuals are popular Cultural Marxist narratives that are pushed on society. They began by taking over the universities and education brainwashing the next generations in all Western countries to get the young to question the culture and change the existing institutions. Multiculturalism, Feminism, Abortion on demand,, homosexual marriage,Transgenderism, Mass incompatible immigration are some CULTURAL MARXIST weapons. When they have totally decimated our traditional family based culture and we are spiritually and culturally broken they will enslave the western peoples in their Marxist Globalist NEW WORLD ORDER where the psychopathic few are obscenely rich and the rest of enslaved humanity serve them.

  15. We must take back the institution of wed-lock called marriage. Men are given the covenant of circumcision by YhWh, (God)! In genesis he commanded that a womans desire would be unto her husband…desire comes from pleasure! Most men have a warped understanding of how to please, aka provide pleasure, to a woman. Porno has made things untenable as porno is not real! The 2nd part, YhWh, (God), says in genesis and her husband shall, "rule", over her! Now this word, "rule", is not the word used in hebrew! In hebrew the word rule is moshel! Moshel means to instruct or rather teach! Herein is the issue. Most have been circumcised yet know not what its for. Being circumcised allows a man to perform better in bed to satisfy his wife, when he has the knowledge of how to use it. When a woman is satisfied properly, she loves her man as never before. Knowledge is key, learning the right technique and learning the exercises to last are necessary. I have a book and course on such that will improve your relationship. Its free just email me…g.keithwalker@gmail.com

    We need to reunite our families, and its my privilege to be of assistance.
    Trump 2020
    Build our wall, lock up the traitors.

  16. Until Feminism and divorce are outlawed, and women's UNEARNED voting rights are repealed, there's no reason to get married, when 85% of the time the wife files for divorce. Marriage is no place for a man, unless he fantasizes about living in his car, or being homeless.

  17. I heard a diologue on conservative radio the other day that gave me a different perspective regarding this war on women and christianity. It is not the liberals who are having large families or raising their children well. It is the conservative christians. While the liberal far left is aborting their babies and refraining from marriage and family, christians and conservatives are having larger families and raising their children to preserve tradition.

  18. I'm a woman, and when I was little, my parents divorced, Back and forth all the time, my dad worked on- call hours at the railroad, most of his "visitation weekends" were spent with his wife and her kids. I even had to go to her church to keep the peace. There was no such thing as not going , the court would have held my mother in contempt if I hadn't gone and her pos husband was no better.

    That forever changed the way I felt about marriage and motherhood. My dad's wife and her kids had everything, my mom was barely getting $ 80 a month for support. And my mother ended up getting out of the abusive marriage with that other pos. I asked WHY me? alot over the years.

    As an adult I worked, and barely eeked out a living until I had to go on disability. ALL of the systems are rigged against us. no matter what you do, unless you are born into money.

  19. Sean, you talk of loving Christ; but then you say we should procreate. The act of having children is a SELFISH ACT. Look at the world around us…for a 10 second orgasm, is it really worth bringing another soul into this world? The answer is an obvious NO. Those that cannot see that simple fact are NOT of Christ. In fact, those who want a family are the same people who want a lot of MATERial possessions.

    Trying to 'fill a hole' for feeling lost inside is a losing battle. Having a family won't bring anyone happiness or completeness. This world is literally falling apart at the seams on a societal (families falling apart) and on a physical level (natural disasters increasing). It was also disgusting that you put so much value into what women are. What have women done to warrant so much worship? All they do is leach off of men. If more men kept their precious seed within them, the world would be a lot better off. And I know what you or your ignorant followers will ask next: But Dimitri…if no one had sex, then humans wouldn't exist! We have to keep this world going! Why? Shouldn't that raise a question in your mind? Such as: Why do we need to 'keep this world going'? Sounds like a slave wanting to please his sadistic master if you ask me.

    To keep a long story short, the 'god' of this world is a female entity and she has duped us into accepting that this is the only reality we can ever know. Well I am here to tell you that what we are living in is NOT reality but a prison. Your very genetic make up is the prison for your soul. Procreating might feel good, but it makes it possible for this abomination of an existence to continue. There is something better out there; but you have to seek it. It will not be handed to you. For those wanting to take that plunge, please visit Dr. Scott McQuate's you tube channel. Link below:


  20. One of the reasons I moved out of the United States .. I was almost Financially destroyed by a woman who used the Banana Republic court to falsely accuse and lie and then Pay-Up $$$$ … Guilty until proven innocent?!? I adopted 2 children in the Philippines and Never looked back!!! I will never date a American woman ever again, nor care to set foot back in the States. Philippines is my home now..

  21. Hollywood celebrities are role models to many of selfishness and lack of commitment; yet the magazines thrive on their movie star appeal, in spite of what bad examples they are.

  22. If you really want a deep dive on the feminist war on men and marriage you need to look up DDJ and his channel misandry today. He goes in so much detail on how the war on men, still going on right now, has destroyed our society, destroyed families, and is killing both men and women. It is horrific what is going on behind the scenes.

  23. Absolutely amazing interview and every man and woman should listen to this!!! Brought me hope to know there are still great amazing woman that understand the beautiful design of women to men children and society!!!.

  24. You are a pig. Beautiful women? What are you saying? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you tell your male friends if their women are not beautiful? Once again boy, you are a pig. Go beat off.

  25. Here's what I've learned, liberals do not favor Muslims over us Christians, they just wanna keep all people of faith divided. By the way, who do you think is killing Muslims right now? They're using political radical Muslims to kill moderate Muslims right now in the Middle East.

  26. The best thing about being older is that everything she says is common sense…at least to me. That was the blessing of being from the south. We were slow to change and get on board with styles etc… But also with the woman's movement. Maybe being behind the times is a good thing.

  27. I've been saying this since I was in my 20's once I figured out that FEMINISM was diabolical ! I'm now 64 y/o and I don't have to play that game anymore. I was married ONCE and I don't want to ever get married again. I thought I married for life but he had different ideas. Too devastating for me and my children. I was thrown away because of Breast Cancer x4. He didn't want to pay and didn't want me physically anymore. He treated me like a liability. Didn't fit his IMAGE. Most people are so INTO themselves and their money it's just not worth the emotional investment. We've lost our way……

  28. Cultural Marxism = Frankfurt School 11 Points = Juden think tank form the 1920s all being played out in the Zionist owned media and politics. Subversion of the WEST.

  29. Give it up for all the strong, beautiful, intelligent right-wing women who honor our country and constitution! I will definitely be buying her book?

  30. Bought her book for my 11 year old. Truly enjoy Brittany's intelligence and strength. A real woman in the room, which in my experience is rare today. Good luck Brittany.

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