October 23, 2021


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50 thoughts on “The World's Most Dangerous Journey – Part 1

  1. Very captivating but disappointed that the documentary ended without us knowing the fate of these immigrants. It's like watching a movie which ends in suspense and no sequel

  2. Imagine moving to a country like Canada that welcomed you with open arms then faking an illness to scam the system so you can stay in the US. That's when you know your journey had everything to do with money not security.

  3. Most of those who engage in desperate journeys are myopic of geography, they are given false pictures of their journey, all they think about is the enjoyment at the end, they view sea as rivers, wide rivers as as swimming pool, deserts as a place you can afford a cold beer, but when the reality confronts them it becomes too late death or life.

  4. น้ำที่นี่ถ้าแก มาแกอย่าลงไปโดนมัน ขาแกจะเน่าภายใน6วัน มันเน่าเหม็นมากขยะและขยะและขยะหมักหมมสะสมกว่าพันปีขยะไวรัสอันเลวร้าย แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้ ที่นี่แกอย่าโดนน้ำในแม่น้ำลำคลองป่าไม่มีเหลือแล้ว น้ำแกจำคำพูดฉันไว้ มันเน่าไอ้ทุเรศบัดสีทุกสีที่นี่ มันบัดสีทุกสี แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้ มันทุเรศแกจำคำพูดฉันไว้ ที่นี่มันทุเรศมาก แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้ แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้แกจำคำพูดฉันไว้

  5. What terrible reporting. The man says that he left Bangladesh for "political" reasons. But, he asks NO follow-up questions. Describe the political reasons, please. Mope. He did not ask that question.

  6. Question: If these people live so far from civilization, where do they buy their modern clothes and gold watches? As for the illegals crying, they have a choice, go home!

  7. You should go to your father’s country . I’m sure your voice, a similar title, and the journey will make it more interesting, scarier and more dangerous. Furthermore, your video will have double quantity of viewers . Good luck

  8. Sometimes Bangladeshi migrants are deceived by these bogus authorities who cajole them to provide a very alluring life there but ultimately they are lost forever. Even, they sell everything like house or least land. Allah be with them ?.

  9. Damned environmentalists care more about trees than people! The rightful governments should put a stop to the lunacy,exercise their power, and build proper roads & infrastructure! People should not have to endure this sort of hardship / travail in the 21st century!

  10. Half of these Bangladeshi refugees passes through my state and other states in NE India, which also has remote and porous borders with Bangladesh. Of these, half of them stayed causing demographic changes and outnumbering the native tribes over here. The rest of these goes to other parts of India and from there, to other places around the world.

    And I seriously wonder what kind of "Political problems" these people have. It is a muslim majority country and also a "Democratic Republic. If anyone one has any "Political Problems" in Bangladesh, its the ethnic and religious minorities here who had been persecuted for years, yet have not left their country and refused to become migrants. The Migrants from Bangladesh are not these religious and ethnic minorities but the Majority Bengali Muslims who are actualy in search of a better living, rather than for political reasons.

  11. "In the years running up to the Iranian revolution" This righteous sounding Iranian ….whose father fled Iran from the Sjah and his brutal Savak regime propped up by Uncle Sam….fleeing to that same Uncle Sam , who is now itching to send cruise missiles over Teheran…..Or might it have been that his father worked closely with the Sjah regime and had to save his skin ? Just like former South Vietnam military regime collaborators were fleeing en masse their rat's nest to start again in the U.S. to enjoy the "democracy" they themselves fought so hard for ? …….
    Bangladesh refugees from a military regime that's cooperating with the U.S. to counterweight India ,which actually is a democracy . This is starting to get confusing ……not ?
    It's good you feel so "safe" now dude…… Can't blame these people for trying to escape their poverty ofcourse……the USA should addopt them all , lol….just as penance for always propping up bloody dictators these same people often flee from…

  12. This dramatically "righteous" Iranian , condemning his own nation while eulogizing the U.S. two(one?)party state which was partly responsable for the Ayatollah nightmare by propping up the murderous Sjah regime.
    Just like these days together with Israel destabilising Syria because it refuses to bow to the almighty dollar. Like the murderous Saoedis do , and are Uncle Sam and Israel's best friends. The Saoedis and Israel spoiling for a war with Iran and hoping Uncle Sam with his Nato lapdogs will send cruise missiles over Teheran , which was so successfully done over Bagdad .
    …"In God We Thrust"….
    "The World's Most Dangerous Journey"…….? How's that wall coming up bytheway ?

  13. I have crossed darian 2 times but unfortunately I have deported by both time.
    You can hire boat man and guide in just 100 doller. Farc man are not bad just learn little Spanish and don't forget to glorify communism.
    I have more footage than your documentary but my mobile stolen in Mexico.
    The bangladeshi gye lying so many migrants come us just for good life.

  14. เชื้อเเบคทีเรียตอนเท้ากำลังoxในตัวแผลกำลังจะหายก้วยเกลือ แฮอกอออลย์..มะระ..ยางมะนะกอ..xxx.. ขอบคุณช่วยๆ..hewmen

  15. Dude, the way you talk and depict Colombia and the whole situation is very exaggerated and biased. Your video is also loaded with misinformation! I understand your father come from Iran and went through hell but stick to the facts and get a proper shave first, you yourself look pretty scary. I have been to Colombia and Panama and yea if you go to the shittiest place in bogota it might look like this.

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