September 17, 2021


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They. Don't. Care.

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46 thoughts on “They. Don't. Care.

  1. The RT-PCR is NOT a TEST!
    It is a Manipulative Forensic Mechanism Never to be used to Identify Anything according to its Nobel Laureate Inventor Kary Mullis who Conveniently Died before this Shit Show was Rolled Out!
    False Positives Created by Upping the Cycles.
    Anything above 35 Cycles gives a False Positive.
    They are using 45 – 50 Cycles and Creating 'Hot Spots' and 'Cases' AT WILL.
    In Order to Keep the Fear and Lock Downs Constantly Happening.
    In Order to COERCE the Injections under Threat.
    Governments have been Poisoning Indigenous People Forever!
    See Kamloops, Canada, Kevin Annett.
    It is the Seasonal Flu and Colds only.
    Recovery Rate of 99.8%.
    FFS People Do Some Independent Research.
    The Injection on the Other Hand IS Experimental AND Lethal!
    Forced Un-Informed Injections Go Against the Nuremberg Code 101.
    This is Treason AND Genocide!

  2. The nsw gov probably loves this. It gives them the statistics to fear-monger the rest of the state into bending the knee. It could have been avoided, but that doesn't seem to be what they want.

  3. Money and votes, exactly why Socialism will always cater to those in the community that are either rich or who's votes can be bought. The individual will always be neglected in favour of groups which the government can utilise to further its own power. There needs to be a separation of government and busniess; no more lobbying, no more market regulation, no more corruption, end the nanny state.

  4. Michael Kennedy my brother, don't believe any politicians, this is a big lie, don't take their vaccinations, and don't let our brothers and sisters have them either, this is not about our health this is about controll, and as an aboriginal you should have an understanding of their agenda. Our political parties have become corrupt can never be trusted again. Peace love and happiness my brother ❤️🤗 and brother you and your little family don't have covid-19, your leader of a community and they realise this, you're about to be used brother big time.

  5. Can confirm the severe delays from the NSW Health department, Tested positive and wasn't called by them till 4 days later, but that was only a well being check, they didn't have any answers for me as to what I should do. Contact tracing called after another 2 days and now it's been 1 week since I was supposed to leave isolation but I haven't been called yet to be discharged. THEY NEED WAY MORE HUMAN RESOURCES AND FUNDING NOW MORE THAN EVER

  6. I got it as soon as I could because I knew it wouldn't kill me. I wish more people would just get over their fear. His whole family had it, they did their thing.. isolated.. and now they are pretty much immune.

    More people need to just get through to the other side. Australia is really trying too hard to keep Covid 0.. but the sooner people get through it the better. We can do it without overwhelming the health system if your young and healthy.

  7. gladys just said even double jabbed can lose there freedoms, she even called it the new world order. wake the fuck up now ! we need to take the streets and take our freedoms back

  8. Good video. Unfortunately this is an ongoing saga that has been happening for decades. While people constantly vote for the uniparty (Labor and Coalition) it will continue sadly. If anything, the Victorian Labor government is possibly worse. Just say no to both of them.

  9. ''delta'' – stop propagating it man. it's a joke. there's been a handful of deaths, cases are a joke, noone cares about some HANDFUL OF PEOPLE, it's old people, 75 year olds. you think they should ruin all 99% of lives, to protect 1%?
    they shouldn't be ''vaccinating'' anyone under 50. they shouldn't aim for more than 50% of the populace.
    you do, statistically, know, what the effect of just not jabbing anyone would be. about less than 1% of the world would be at risk. most people WOULD GET ON WITH LIFE.

    unlike coofcoof. which we all know statistically and FACTUALLY is not even a risk for 99.98% of all us 7 billion folk. just f-off. I KNOW ONE PERSON WHO GOT COOFCOOF, a 70 year old. he's FINE. a week off with a mild flu. i have 2 family members who've offed themselves since this lockdown started, though, an 18 year old and a 35 year old. and given that this bullshit isn't seeing any end, just more suffering, UNNECESSARY, ENTIRELY, and the gov just wont back the fuck off, there'll probably be more. What IS the rise in suicides for australia, since lockdown? do you even care?

    p.s. your stupid jab isn't even stopping spread, or you getting it. WHY BOTHER THEN? ''oh it lessons symptoms''. f off. the symptoms 99.98% of us might not even GET? and that will be pittifully mild if we Do? why RISK your life, to protect from a MINISCULE RISK, with an entirely unknown risk?

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